Ethereum Killers? Research on NEO, ADA, EOS, Tezos & DFINITY

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Ethereum is by far the largest general purpose and smart contract platform in the blockchain space right now, but there are multiple competitors working to gain market share. In this video lets review some fantastic research compiled by Ed Posnak, on NEO, Cardano, EOS, Tezos and DFINITY and whether or not they have a shot to truly kill Ethereum.

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On the Origin of Tezos:

On the Origin of NEO:

On the Origin of Cardano:

On the Origin of EOS:

On the Origin of DFINITY:

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Tezos might be interesting due to being massivly overlooked at the current time due to the legal scuffle they have been in since their ICO. The CEO recently came out stating that they will be releaseing the tokens in the next few weeks, which is something most of the investors were not expecting as the tokens were to be locked for years waiting the legal battle to complete but this appears to no longer be the case. With this said I expect the price to plummet quite drastically at first as people rush to try to get their initial investment back, but doing so many very well end up being a huge mistake as this project may end of being massive in a few years when everything is said and done.

Tezos CEO Kathleen Breitman on Token Release Date and “Going Rogue"

I like the way you clearly mention the affiliate links. Doesn't look like you have written this post for the sake of promoting your affiliate links. Makes me trust your content that way.

ETH is the flip-phone and EOS is the iPhoneX :)

Eth developers is working about important developments. For example Pos, Casper protocol , raiden network all of these are very important. And other crypto's to be like ethereum is not easy

I may not watch the whole video content. I have seen the growth of the Ethereum in 2017 there are more other crypto currencies try to take down any top crypto currencies. Until now I didn't see the Dash and the Litecoin out run the Ethereum or the Bitcoin which was said it will be before. I'm not an expert but I'm deep in love with this business. Thats why I kept on searching for any updates about it. Thanks @cryptobobby

Surprised that none were put higher up the ladder in challenging Ethereum as price action has suggested other wise. I think ETH is still king of the hill because some ICOs will not be waiting for another platform to support their launch. They need to take advantage of the demand for these assets now before the market slows down or regulations come in.

Thank you so much for posting. More and more cryptocurrencies are making their way into the market and a lot of competitors.

Being first to market is a HUGE advantage. Something that's out and working, but not perfect is a lot better than something that looks great on paper.

Great vid bro. Love the content.

No matter who turns out to be the "winner" in 2025, all these platforms competing can only be good for the end product. I personally have money on 3 of the horses in this,for now, 6-way race. Only time will tell who comes across the finish line "first". T.

I wish more than anything that Ethereum continues to stay the top dog, besides bitcoin!

Ichiban will kill all crypto ethereum, bitconnect pal, dodge-verge tokencash, polkcoin ico, marquis trill cash, and the rare carlos coin!!! You've been warned!!! But feel free to get a wallet at to save all the marbles!

thankx you so much for your great work :) you are awsome , i came in crypto in december without anyone or anywhare to look for except my hold informatique knowloedge ( sorry my crappy english writting )
ive done research on some coin after wasted some money on pump that john mcaffe had done ... but now i know where to look where to not , and when I found out your channal i loove it !
PS: your not a advisor i know but youre explaining it well so its really cool to do my own research afteward and to understand better ..

EOS is about to destroy any ERC20 token that doesn’t jump ship to EOS in the next year or so.