Crypto Market DROPS Hard - $200 Billion in Value Lost - How Should You Approach It?

The entire cryptocurrency market is DOWN big, between 25-55% pretty much across the board. There is no safe space in crypto right now and the charts are looking pretty bloody, so how should you approach it? Time to panic sell and get out, or hodl strong and buy the dips?

I'll talk about where my head is at and how you can stay sane in this volatile time!

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This is happening every end of year. Last year was the same in December, but now the market sentiment is better than one year ago. I hold!

Well your comment made me feel a little better. A little. Lol. HODLing for sure.

why always happen in December? are they withdrawing for Xmas gifts? I any case I HODL

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This is december sell off and it happens in every financial market. Good thing in crypto market is that people are holding in usdt and we just just a little consolidation and money will come in market very soon.

Buy the dips.


im loving it

I am buying as people are selling, I am loving it also

Litecoin ceo sold all of his coins just because he did not want any controversy just because he was holding on to some coins and whenever he came on news with a good or bad news, people used to blame him for the market fluctuations.

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yeah absolutely right bro

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Gotta have some sense of humor on days like this right?

Haha, at least my hair looks great in that one!

Does it Bobby? Does it?

I just shocked.. Sbd price is 7 usd.. I can't believe this. Yesterday sbd price was 11+ usd. But today just down and down..

SBD price has seemed to pretty closely follow the price of BTC, which somewhat makes sense.. I know it's supposed to be pegged to the dollar, but it makes more sense to follow BTC's price, which it has in many ways

btc price just down 2900+ usd.. Oh sheet. I notice it now...... cant believe my eyes.......

It is all about percentages not actually USD amount

THIS IS NOT A CORRECTION!!! ITS MANIPULATION!!! This happened just after Bitcoin can be short. Are you blind Bobby? Everything is changed now when you can short it. It was pumped up by Wall Street people that wanted to take down Bitcoin and get paid for it.

bankers are on xmas holidays now, so we can buy it cheap, every time they try to put it down, we can make money off their bad manipulation, if you get my drift?

I think you are right @agnesebarhorst. The rise is just as much manipulation as the dip. To me that is the message of the last few weeks. Some unknown controllers (whales) appear to be able to pretty much make any currency dance at will. Puppet up, puppet down. Overall though, you have to expect the puppetmasters to suffer from the greed factor too and mostly I think we can expect a return to a more reasonable gradual rise over the next few months. It's not natural for any commodity or currency to go straight up forever. When all is green, learn that all can be red too.

And thanks @CryptoBobby and other commentators for the calm cool hand hodling. It is so clear that many crypto investors have never invested in stocks or other volatile 'instruments' and are not steady enough to weather down turns. Market manipulators call it "Shaking out the weak hands." Price drops, people panic and sell, market makers buy, price goes back up. Wheeee.

BTC for instance is up something like 1400% on the year, and 221% in the last 90 days. 221%!! What? You're whining because it dropped 20 or 30% today? Sniff. 10% is considered a correction in the stock market, 20%, a crash. When was the last time the DJ Index posted a gain of 221% in 90 days? Why never of course.

Cryptos are on sale in time for the holidays. Millions of people who couldn't afford to get in will do it now. Projections are that 29 million people will open crypto accounts in the next 90 days. Always check the activity volume. You will see huge spikes in volume every time there's a dip. The best thing I (re-)learned from @CryptoBobby was averaging in and out. Already saved me money, and made me a smarter investor. I still have $500 fiat waiting to be plugged in, slowly.

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Yes, market is on down trend it is correction time it will boost again in few days

People just need to calm down and stop selling out of fear

I invested a week ago. Now, what happened.

Hold on! Fiat money is soon to be exposed as a manipulated form of crowd control, and cryptos will never stop to grow, even with a little stumble like the one today.

hold on to it, and if it is cheaper now than when you invested, buy more, win win my friend

Right. Scared money never wins.

This is one of the things that is cool about mining when the price tanks the amount you mine goes up, then when the market comes back you have more. This is a good time to buy was not sure we would see a drop like this before the end of the year but I already see it bouncing back up. Feel sorry for the folks that just bought at the high price thinking it would only go up.... welcome to the roller coaster of crypto :) enjoy the ride.... in 5 years this little blip will just be a marker in time.

That's why I love EarnCrypto as it gets multiple times more then mining and can be done with average computers for free (67 cryptos to choose from as rewards and you can switch between any of them at any time).

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Helps me look at situations like this as being "cup half full" if you know what I mean.

seems traders are playing. Hope it will stabilize soon and I don't think bitcoin is going down less than 10k mark. Long.

The price of btc decreased constantly, this time only sell and sell only .
Thanks @cryptobobby

I think that is normal, considering last days growth. I'll just hold my coins: I believe in them and this day is not going to change my behaviour!

It's a shame honestly. So many people have lost so much.

As long as The Fed can continue pumping out as much counterfeit currency it desires with the click of a mouse, the any price of anything can be manipulated by this (((cabal))). Somehow, the world is going to have to crack down on counterfeiters... beginning in America, where it matters most.

Tomorrow is the last weekend before Christmas. Investors record profits. Do not panic! Everything is stabilizing!

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I agree. I will buy and/or HODL. If it was only Bitcoin taking this kind of it hit it would be more worrisome than the entire market. Bitcoin could fail but all Cryptocurrency? No. I'll wait for it to recover.

It's all part of dancing with the big boys, money don't come quite that easy... Just pretty easy (-:

How to handle? Don't gamble. And if you on volatility.

This was just a little demo on what will happen when the bubble blows.
Why don't you guys try to withdraw or deposit some $$ back and forward?

DEGRADED service at LTC 180$, Degraded service at LTC 190$ , Degraded service at LTC 200$ ....

Good luck.

When the bubble really blows off , you will be watching Maintenance messages until BTC drops off at 10-$, then you will be free to sell.

This is DECENTRALIZED world. You suck balls until someone decides that you got enough. Decentralized my ass.
"Our servers are under really heavy load, we apologize for the inconvenience" Give me a brake, it is the end of 2017 , not 1989!!!

Servers are not the issue, the issue is that people are getting ROBBED!!!


By the time the normal consumers has gotten a transaction throught, BTC will be mostly worthless.

It's really hard to predict on Crypto, that's why I am still not trading them.

Nice post, cryptobobby. Your information is quite educative, thanks. I follow and upvote you.

Ghengis Khan would be proud of this massacre.

Just keep cool and hold what you have. That being said I was lucky enough to convert SBD to euros just last night when the price was 12 USD. I needed usd to invest into my travelling series and better camera equipment. But generally just hold onto the main cryptos if you have them. It will pass. Actually it's good time for some shopping now

sbd down 4$ but how about btc +6k$ lol fuking day

There is still a lot of space down the green line, if not the lower red line:


I will buy only at 8000 to 5000.

Good analysis. Obviously overbought and way outside the channel. But look at the huge volume. Not sure you will get your buying opportunity though.

Maybe a lot of buyers who think they've missed the train and jump up now.

It should also not be forgotten that, even if the price goes down to 6,000, the uptrend is still intact.

Good luck buying.

its a great post..
keep it up..
thank you @cryptobobby

I've already doubled down on a couple of my "chosen" coins. Did I do a bad thing?!?!?

Also respect to u Crypto Bobby. I'm new here & you are the first familiar name I've come across. Love your podcast.

I think that there’s high chance for its value to skyrocket within a few days. Hmm. :)

Amazing post @cryptobobby thanks for sharing

Don't panic sell you will regret it. I was sad when I looked at my Litecoin wallet but its still way up from a month ago. No matter how low it goes I am not selling. I didn't invest what I couldnt afford to lose though. If your kids are going to starve or go without presents I guess you got to do what you gotta do.

Upvoted. Thanks for the info and your thoughts. HODLing and waiting for market to turn.

whether you are a long term investor or a short trader this is a great opportunity to buy/accumulate a lot of the coins and tokens you like the most. always a way to take advantage of any occurance.

Good job boss

In less than 24 hours I lost over 20% of my steemit account value :( Hope it rises back to there before Christmas.

Why does this happen?

Not sure what you are asking. Why the crypto market falling today? If I had to guess Charlie Lee selling out of LTC and bitcoin rife between top owners of the coin. Or it maybe a consolidating time for crypto as it shot up pretty quickly the past month.

Shaved off all bitcoins market cap one swoop. Harsh..Keep up the good work Cryptobobby.

Sbd must gain Value until we become a millionaire :) today’s hard decreases bar so sad I hope it will increase again

is there any hope in btc?

i wonder where did the 200 billion went

what is the reason behind it? is exchange disappeared in Korea is the reason?

Bitcoin downfall is a precursor of stock downfall.

Such a volatile day. Even as I am watching your video the prices are all over the place. I sold GBTC a month ago when the premium was 70% and I tried to fill in order of GBTC today at a lower basis but failed. Kicking myself for missing the buy.

Good luck and keep up the great work, 1000 follower soon for you!

So I am a new active participant in the crypto world (I say active because I have been following it but have taken no action to get coins until I joined Steemit because I have not had the excess liquidity).

I have always thought that trading cryptocurrencies would be analogous to traditional currency trading. Am I right in thinking this?

Note: I understand that the most exciting thing about cryptocurrencies is the underlying blockchain but I would like to restrict this conversation to trading only and not the underlying tech.

thanks your post @crptobobby

I think ripple will win

time to move out and wait for the new up wave

This is what caused it


Or may be this


Don't follow you be saved. Hold your ground.

I really don´t know what to think... Some say the crytocurrency market is a bubble and have good arguments, i agree with them at some point.

But i can´t deny that the crytomarket have some attractives that make it imho a good place to invest money if you want to make a quick profit.


The video link isn't working...

buy more on the way own, do not panic, can not let the bankers win

The money is never gone unless you sell. Buy when it dips and never spend money on any cryptocurrencies that you need for food, rent, etc.
Investing in this sphere is very speculative and very lucrative in the long run but not for those prone to rash decisions or panic driven mistakes. I should add that in any investing the more diversified your portfolio is the better. Happy investing! The crypto market cap will be at an ATH by Christmas in all probability.

Hi Bobby,

I love to watch your youtube and thank you for doing that. Regardless of how volatile the crypocurrency market is in these days, I am very confident that it will be just fine since I am a real believer. Happy Holidays

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Great video as always.... I'm trying to Hodl, but I'm getting a little bit nervous. I've been buying at these lower prices, but what if it just keeps falling... I plan to hodl until at least 8k usd.. but when do you think would be the time to panic?

Awesome Video B

Hodl and buy the dip, it dropped below 9000€ and it is back up 11000€ in a matter of 20 minutes, when you have a massive buy pressure like this on the dips how it is supposed to be a bubble?

The bubble’s bursting.

  • Cit. Naysayers

As many have already said this happens every year.. But again with more and more stores closing. It could all fall apart.
I believe we are living in a bubble. and If the markets fall the central banks will just place more debt on the people. Bitcoin is just a part of that now, maybe?

It will be back before you know it!

Bitcoin will grow necessarily!

Very insightful, I truly believe in the underlying technology behind some of these cryptocurrencies, so I believe this is like a sale! haha I had litecoin at 420 could've sold and made 1,000 but you know, you live and you learn, experience is the bitterest way to earn wisdom!

I suggest to hold the coins now because there are lots of predictions out there saying that it will go high in the future.

My thoughts exactly @cryptobobby. It looks bad that Charlie Lee ( the creator of litecoin) sold all of his litecoin right before this happened!

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