Bitcoin Goes Nuts - Will it sell of before Sunday's CBOE Futures at 6pm?

Bitcoin has been going nuts all day long, rising all the way at one point to $19,000. Will it continue to rise up until Sunday when the CBOE Futures launch, for a sell-off once Wall Street can start shorting Bitcoin without even touching it? Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let's chill and have a good time talking crypto. Let's recap the day's action and answer your questions about the crypto world!


bitcoin about to move down move back into alts like steem and lisk

It's happening right now, ETH making a bit of a move!

You got hit by a johafiles upvote. And now you are trending. cool dude

No. Atlanta Falcons rise up

Oh my word! I wonder what the mining difficulty is gonna be now. This is great news. I pray it continues,as that will give value to the least of its currency.

will alt coins price rise if bitcoins falls and if so is it a good idea to trade your bitcoin for another coin in preparation for a crash then trading back when bitcoin levels out

Most Likely not. When bitcoin falls it will tank the alt coin market more precipitously than bitcoin's own fall - even given it's recent parabolic growth.

If you want to insulate your money from crypto volatility without having to cash out incurring capital gains - maybe look into trading into Dash. It's price behavior is much less volatile during booms and busts of the other coins.

I need to study in detail the rules behind the derivatives contracts. But if this means shorting is now easier, that means people will be incentivized to see the bitcoin price go down.

Also, the futures will allow less volatility in the bitcoin market, making dramatic one-day price increases or decreases less frequent than before.


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And here I am waiting for funds to move...

Very good imformation

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