Bitcoin & Crypto's Mainstream Moment?

The total crypto market cap is now over $300 BILLION and Bitcoin is nearing $10,000, so is this the big cryptocurrency coming out party. If early signs of it are correct, yes, we're seeing a big-time mainstream moment in the crypto world right now.

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The ripples caused by the rise of Bitcoins and its reputation is bringing a LOT of exposure to the idea of cryptocurrencies. I can't help but think that it is the beginning of a HUGE wave for all of them, much of it brought forth by the actual value of Bitcoin as, when people start to realize its limitations they start to diversify into much more solid ones such as Bitshares, EOS and our notorious Steem!

Thanks a lot for your post, namaste :)

It'll be interesting to see if the "alts are back" or if the money just concentrates at the high market cap crypto. I think institutional investors will mostly flow into BTC, ETH, etc... But they'll raise the price of those cryptos and move retail investors into the smaller cap crypto to chase profits

Yes more and more people are realizing there are other coins to hodl than bitcoin. A huge wave is coming in deed. @eric-boucher

Good points, but I can't help to think that the speed, infinite scalability and adaptability of the cryptos based on the Bitshares graphene platform I mentioned up above will be seen as a major step ahead and therefore bring forth a totally new realm, a second wave so to speak in the world of cryptographic currencies. When Bitcoin will come to a halt, as it did and will keep on doing more and more, it is those that will topple it over on the long run.

Namaste :)

@cryptobobby glad to see you are finally getting some Steemit recognition!

Thanks man, super crazy! Never expected this at all

Its a great time to be alive, cryptocurrencies forever!! great video @cryptobobby

Thanks Duane!

I think the masses are just now starting to realize that the main topic of the year in 2018 is going to be centered around blockchain. Up to this point many have heard of bitcoin, ethereum and some of the other larger alt coins but now they are really starting to take notice of them and want a piece of the pie. If people think 10k btc is high just wait till this time next year and 10k will look like a screaming bargin. Buckle up crypto-junkies as 2018 is going to be one hell of a ride!

Fun fact: It took bitcoin 3060 days to go from $0 to $2000 (+$0.65 per day avg), it then took bitcoin 146 days to go from $2000 to $5000 (+$24.5 per day avg), and it then only took bitcoin 44 days to go from $5000 to $9000 (+$90 per day avg). The exponential growth is real, and to think this is still just the beginning!

Its great bitcoin touches 10k but now I cannot touch bitcoin anymore. Should is be sad or happy?

Be happy it will come back to you, soon there will be many more jobs and opportunities in cryto on a global scale.

There is a lot more upside here. Invest what you can and check out the other coins.

We are truly seeing the parabolic rise of Bitcoin. I expect us to be able to push as far as 12-12.5 before a retracement to strong areas of support. After a brief pause for breath, the skies the limit as we push forward into the golden year of 2018! AKA: Legacy Money Conversion Year!

Blockchain goes finally mainstream. I think a lot of things are going to change in the next couple of years in most market sectors. If you think Bitcoin becomes unaffordable look at all the other promising cryptocurrencies - there's lots of potential opportunities to invest.

Feels like just the other month we were at 100 billion.... oh wait we were!

I was paying close attention to cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin hit $1000 and there was no mainstream coverage to speak of. Now even BEFORE $10,000 we are seeing traditional outlets hyping it up.

Yes off course my friend @cryptobobby Bitcoin itself crosses 150B.. it’s the great 👍 news for us like crypto enthusiasts..hopefully BTC touch its crown peak of $10000 in 2017 itself..!!

Wait till they show that bitcoin episode for Big Bang Theory!

When the banking elites and financial pundits are all coming out to bash the crypto market, this clearly signifies the dawning of the digital assets and the awakening of the mainstream.

If the command for bitcoin has been settled. There are strong currencies that can have a big deal in the future.
So we must seize the opportunity now
The profit will be long term.

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best hope for 2018!

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