‘Tron (TRX) Will Be A Top 6 Coin Again,’ Justin Sun

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The countdown to the Tron (TRX) Main Net launch is still ticking and lessening at the rate of one second as is the standard that is agreed internationally. The countdown currently reads 20 days 14 Hours 30 Minutes on the Tron Website. This is in less than three weeks away.

In the gentleman manner of Justin Sun’s continual communication with TRX HODLers, he wrote a letter to the Tron community. This letter is available on the TRON Medium page. In it, he explains to the HODLers that the path is set for a Top 6 finish of TRX in the near future. Such a feat would be accomplished in a manner similar to what happened on January 5th, but this time, TRX will permanently hold its position at the top.

Justin said the following in the letter about finishing top 6:

Expectations for the future are even higher. Our next goal is to become one of the top 6 cryptocurrencies in the world. We have actually achieved top 6 briefly on January 5, 2018 during TRON’s astounding sprint out the gate. In 2018, we will reclaim and secure this title, which will mark TRON’s global status as a mainstream public blockchain and lay a solid foundation for competition with Ethereum.

Justin emphasizes the youth and brilliance exhibited by the Tron Team and this will be the major reason for the project to succeed and accomplish a top 6 position.

Now that we are in the top 10, each move up will signify a significant change in the cryptocurrency structure. TRON is the youngest of the ten, but we are the most professional, with a team that brings experience from mainstream Internet companies like Alibaba. Compared to most stagnant crypto companies, TRON is agile and embraces change.

Justin is also quick to mention on the status of the Main Net which will be launched on the 31st of May. He reiterates that the platform is undergoing rigorous tests and should be ready and on time.

We have also conducted high volumes of simulations, optimizing dozens of core parameters with binary exponential backoff (BEB) algorithms.

The Tron DApp ecosystem currently has over 20 startup teams developing on TRON. With such promising projects, it is only a matter of time until TRON really decentralizes the web and TRX gathers some more momentum in the markets.

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