Blockchain Cryptocurrency Podcast Episode #4 [Day Trading BTC- Regulation- Google- Twitter & More]

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Endorses Bitcoin....and, Hollywood is into Crypto!

Explore how cryptocurrency trader (Mr. Crypto) and hobbyist crypto enthusiast (Dr. G) discuss the blockchain and crytocurrency markets!

In this episode, we discuss:
•Bitcoin Price analysis + How to day trade cryptocurrency .
•News & Info to include:
-Cointelegraph Article, by Selva Ozelli, S. Korea Wants to Set a Crypto and Blockchain Policy
-The Verge Article, by: Lizzie Plaugic, Atari Movie funded by Crypto, named Nolan Bushnell
-Twitter & Square's Jack Dorsey (CEO) endorses bitcoin stating he believes it'll be the currency of choice in the next 10 years world-wide
-Government regulations
-Google building proprietary blockchain

• Announcements on how to reach @Enthead on Steemit and @cryptocurrencyaltcoin on Steemit for any questions, feedback, or ideas for the show!

Future episode will involve:
• Cryptocurrency
• Blockchain Technology
• ICOs
• Portfolio
• Plus more!

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