324% on EOS Rally 89% on NEO Rally...Strategy is working FAXXX

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

I caught the EOS wave too... Strategy is looking good ..it's already proven in fx.. looking even better for crypto...this was after I was out of the trade I will post a pic of when I was live and profit in the last two days..324% small account strategy live testing.

This is the live pic before hitting my exit zone...📈💪👌🏽 #strategy #bitcoin #btc #daytrader www.cryptocurrencyaltcoins.com www.tailoredtrader.com

Screenshot (16).png


image1 (15).PNG

NEO Rally 📈📈💪 #neo #daytrader #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto

89.3% on NEO rally quick flip small account testing out strategy live!

image2 (1).JPG

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jeje thx baby girl

Good shiish bro..u gota let me know when the strategy is ready to go..


Definitely will just keep tuned in... so far so good

Trading on margin?


yes margin/leverage trading crypto with FX rules...FX is the market that I come from

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