How to Earn Crypto Currency Easily

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Now a days, crypto currency became a hot topic and people are looking for ways to earn some cash through crypto currency. That's why I have written this article and tried a little to help you guys. In this article, I have tried to share how to earn crypto currency easily.

Generally, most of the people who want to earn some free cash from cryptocurrency, first give a try at faucet. Then, they give up and run behind the cloud mining where 99% get scammed.
That's why I want to share an easy way to earn cryptocurrency. Today I will show how you can earn some DeepOnion (ONION). For those, who don't know about DeepOnion-
DeepOnion is a privacy cryptocurrency which is natively integrated with TOR. It ensures 100% anonymity through TOR and Stealth Address. The developer team is actively working and trying to make DeepOnion as the best privacy crypto. DeepOnion was distributed freely through 40 round of airdrops. Although the main airdrop is ended, there is still another airdrop is going on called "VoteCentral Airdrop"
VoteCentral is a place where community vote and decide the future direction about DeepOnion. And VoteCentral is the place where you can earn some DeepOnion for doing some small tasks like Tweet, Facebook post, youtube comment, vote, add task and add proposal. It's really an easy way to earn some cash through crypto.

Let's have some discussion about how it works.

  1. In VoteCentral, there are plenty of tasks which you can complete and earn some points called "DeepPoints"
  2. You can have 1 point for completing a task, 1 for adding a task, 10 for adding a proposal, 0.20 for vote on a proposal.
  3. There will be payment based on point. The more point you have, the more ONION (DeepOnion) you will get.
  4. Payment is sent 1 time every two weeks. Total ONION is 2000 and you will receive some from this amount based on your point.
  5. There are some VIP members who get 2x factor as they complete some hard task. For example, if you are VIP and you have 30 points, you will be paid for 60 points because VIP= 2x factor.

Here is how you can get in VoteCentral and start to earn ONION.

  1. Be registered at
  2. You need to have a DeepOnion QT wallet (Desktop/Laptop wallet)
  3. You need to have 50 ONION in order to be eligible for earning. So, buy those from cryptopia, kucoin or RightBTC or others.
  4. Be registered at
  5. Now apply in VoteCentral.
    Link to VoteCentral-

If you face any problem while registering, you can simply ask question on DeepOnion forum or you can this video too.
How to register at VoteCentral-

After registering on VoteCentral, you have to wait few minutes/hours (depends on availability of moderator) because your VoteCentral application will be checked by moderator before approved. After your application is approved, you can now work. Don't worry. Tasks are quite easy and simple. Just go through the words below.

  1. Click on assign tasks and you will find what tasks you can complete in order to get points. Those tasks are called domination tasks. Those are added by VoteCentral member in order to promote DeepOnion. If you complete 1 task, you will get one point. You have to complete the task as directed in the instruction and add a screenshot which you ensures you have completed the task.
  2. You can complete a maximum of 15 tasks a day. However, you can also get point by adding a task. There is no limit for adding task. You can add 100 of tasks a day and get 100 points a day. In order to add task, click on add domination task and fill up the form.
  3. If you have any confusion regarding adding proof of domination task, you can follow this one.
    How to add proof properly on VoteCentral-
  4. If you see any task which is not good enough for DeepOnion or if there are some bugs in the task, you can simply report the task.

Thanks for reading this article. I believe you are now able to work with VoteCentral and earn some cash.
If you enjoyed the article, please upvote and resteem it. If you have any question regarding this, feel free to comment below and I will reach you ASAP.
Want to have some more ways to earn? Follow me for my next article.

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Good point to get some $ONION
I confirm, the VoteCentral platform is working fine.

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