This is a great way to connect to apps on the steem ecosystem without the hassle of creating multiple accounts.

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Thank you @hitwill for resteeming this exceptional post! I appreciate it VERY much! It pays to follow @hitwill This is such a great post for a beginner like myself! I was just speaking to a Friend, regarding Steemconnect. Thank you @crypto49er for this outstanding tutorial. Again, so VERY helpful the both of you! It also pays to follow @crypto49er! All the best my Friends! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

İ definitely agree with you. connect the link to log into your account easily allows a lot of use this site is very is also important for the transmission and SP also the Delegation of sbd. @hitwill

You are right @hitwill

Thank you for resteeming this!! It is really so helpful. :)

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very helpful post...thanks

This is so good way. Upvote and resteemed, thanks for post :)

A veri good post for me as a begiiner keep it up :)

Thank You @hitwill resteem this post i ve learn new things, for me as minnow it mean a lot. Thank You crypto49er for this video i set up my Steemconnect acount

You finally got a good payout! woo!

Yup! I'm getting an idea of what is popular on SteemIt. Still just scratching the surface though. Lots to learn.

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