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Crypto Pilgrim is a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Resource Hub for Earning and Learning about Cryptocurrency Online. Our website is new and still in early development but we are hoping that throughout time it will become filled with a variety of collected resources you won't find anywhere else.

What You Will Find Right Now On Our Website

  • Airdrops & Bounties - We keep track of the most trusted cryptocurrency airdrops happening right now in the Cryptoverse.

  • Contest & Competitions - From trading competitions, to development competitions and everything in-between, theres something for everyone to find some passion and begin competing

  • Faucets & Microtasks - A curated list of all the best ways to easily start earning cryptocurrency online

  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Resources (early development) - From Buying & Selling to Fun & Entertainment, we are slowly building a database of the most useful and trusted resources found online.

What Is To Come In The Future

  • Quality Informational Articles & Reviews For Navigating The Cryptocurrency Space

  • Increase Overall Earning & Learning Databases

  • Exclusive Community Giveaways, Contests, and other Promotions

  • +More

The Crypto Pilgrim Token (CPT)

We have created a Token that will be used as a medium of exchange in order to participate in our Exclusive Community Promotions. The project does not have plans for expansion, other than implements staking features for members in the near future.

There are 33,248,000 CPT Tokens issued at the moment with plans to distribute free CPT to Active community members.


If you are interested in claiming your free 1000 CPT Airdrop, simply upvote and resteem this post and leave your Steem address in the comments section below. Additionally, you can read our post on Uptrennd here: for more information about the Airdrop Distribution.

If you are interested in Buying CPT to participate in a community promotion, CPT can be purchase on the Steem-Engine CPT Market

Want To Know More About Us?

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Want to chat?

We are actively trying to build our community welcome everyone that wants to come and discuss the latest and most trending ways to earn cryptocurrency online. Additionally, we are always looking for new resources to add to our directories in order to expand our portfolio of trusted resources. Feel free to come or discuss:

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Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to bookmark our page and check back for the latest crypto resources and information!

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