Remedy Coin- The Economics of Harm and Remedy In The Age of Crypto


Joe Baker intends to help those who have suffered police brutality, banking foreclosures, and other injustices . Particularly those who were unable to achieve remedy from the current legal system. The nature of the legal system is that lawyers get penalized for representing cases that expose systemic failures. Joe’s passion arose from his own case of police brutality he barely survived in 2009.

This is from about Joe’s incident.

"Police Officer Richard S. Davis Jr.'s interaction with Joseph Baker in Bakersfield, California resulted in Baker receiving 15 blows from a club for non-violent, non-compliance (he wouldn’t voluntarily bring his feet into the back of the police car). After enduring excessive force, he tipped the enraged and aggressive cop on his ass. A much more level headed junior cop instructed Baker to lay face down, with his hands at this side. As Baker did this, Officer Davis Jr. proceeded to stomp on his head/neck three times, as his target laid submissively on the ground. Baker demanded to the junior cop that they get their superior officer to the scene immediately. Luckily, the superior arrived. If the superior of these cops had never arrived and intervened, this horrendous case of police brutality would be a murder story."



People will say, “this guy disrespected the cop” or whatever other justifications for victim blaming. The cop in this scenario is a sophisticated actor in this incident. The cop is the trained official, sworn in, and meant to protect life. This means he holds the RESPONSIBILITY to not deal out 15 blows and a head stomping. Which is excessive force and attempted murder. If there is defense of the cop’s actions- it is beyond reasonable logic. If anything, this shows that law enforcement officer needs retraining in assessing situations, as well as a psych evaluation. It appears, they are not trained enough in de-escalation tactics. Also, if the training has failed it appears there are minimal ramifications for such bad actors.

Back to Joe’s story.

Joe did much soul searching after surviving attempted murder from an officer who took an oath to uphold the law. He asked the universe “what is higher than the courts for people to appeal their cases to?” The answer became apparent within three days’ time – the free market. Joe’s task was now to help others who have been wronged by bad actors and let down by the legal system, but how?

Rc logo.png

Remedy Coin ( :

“Remedy Coin expands possible solutions for injury compensation beyond the scope we have been limited to before the inception of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We aim to remedy the wrongs of the past using the marketplace to bring honor to the injured party. Remedy Coin turns one’s damage into a vessel of value.

Damage to individuals is addressed in an unprecedented way. Remedy coin first substantiates the damages, appraises it’s base monetary value (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) as a guide post to the marketplace. This incident is bound to a new cryptocurrency (or token) then able to be traded on BarterDex into other cryptos. This allows the damaged person to sell a portion of the damage to the marketplace which is looking for investment opportunities. Optimally other individuals who have experienced the same damage would invest (car accident, egregious assault, loss of home fire/flood/tornado, etc.).

In this way, the marketplace brings remedy and speaks in a new language. Affirming the substantiation of the incident the damaged person experienced. Especially for instances where the bad actor denies wrongdoing and got away with such actions. We are used to forgiving, but when you are told you need to accept the wrongs done to you because there are no other options, this is where Remedy Coin steps in. Thus, Remedy Coin creates a new experience of closure.”

I asked Joe to provide us an example of how Remedy Coin could help a high profile scenario in the future.

Let's envision...

Eric Garner, father of six was 43 years old and lived in Staten Island. As many as four New York police officers choked him and slammed his head on the ground. He cried out “I can’t breathe”, yet the fatal assault continued. His asthma complicated matters.

In a scenario where RemedyCoin is involved, Eric’s family contracts with RemedyCoin to collect an evidence file, appraise the damage, write up documents to the four officers and the police chief giving them opportunity to object to terms such as the following:

The set forth damage occurred as a result of this murderous act
The children have lost a father
The RemedyCoin Appraised value
The Staten Island Police Department Caused this incident
Value has been removed from Eric’s Life
Value has been removed from the lives of Eric’s children.
This ordeal will be bound to the creation of a crypto currency labelled #RXC-8890 (RX for Remedy and C for Coin & 8890 as a case number).
The shares of #RXC-8890 shall be dispersed 10% to RemedyCoin (for services rendered) and the remainder split 6 ways equally among the children.

The respondents (police in this case) are given valid response times in which they may respond via the correspondent witnesses address. Terms are set such that failing to object to the communications is a form of silence which shall be determined to be not objecting or agreement. This is similar to something called a notarial protest and is often used to settle matters in the private world outside courts.

The documents would indicate that all parties agree that the value which was taken from the Family members, the value of the life of Eric to the family members shall be assigned to #RXC-8890. Then mailing to and from the respondents, are witnessed by numerous RemedyCoin contractors as they are presented via certified mail, with a monitored return address which all the correspondence witnesses have full historical electronic access to it’s contents, thus with unison the witnesses certify to the non-response or agreed quick signature signing of the respondents. It is hard to imagine why police or their chief would try to impede this process of remedy. I’ve seen other engagements with government entities like this in the past and seldom do they ever respond, so in my experience we have a high likelihood of achieving agreement through non response. The process is “perfected” through a series of letters (1st notice, 2nd notice, Notice of default and opportunity to cure, Certification by the correspondence witnesses of non-response or no-objection). Now we have accomplished an agreement of all the parties involved in the dispute and we are ready to bring the new series of cryptocurrency coins/tokens to the marketplace. The term #RXC-8890 now has a provable linkage to the ordeal."

Remedy Coin is a project to watch. Keep in mind that it is a growing project and under-going fine tuning. If you can help advance this project Joe Baker's contact information is available at the bottom of this article. Also, if you do not fully understand the concept, feel free to reach out.

Disclaimer: I have personal involvement on this project as a volunteer

Contacting Joe Baker:
Wickr: RemedyCoin
Twitter: @RemedyCoin, @JoeBitcoinOrg
BTC Donation: 1NaDc7eZYBr6JLKgnGB5W6S11JXeuUbNEg
Bitcoin Cash Donation: 1JScmP6pN1X4FQWoz6cBQ2C8ngg7uXNcMW

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Remedycoin sounds like a great initiative - any initiative against this corrupt, immoral system deserves to be supported! #Upvoted


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Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to hearing more!

Hello Joe :)
Does this system requires centralized party to collect evidences and estimate damages?


Good question Niolay.

Yes like an insurance agent prepares a claim.
But from one case to another the agents could be different. The postal system is one centralized component presently until we can figure out how to serve some one or some institution by in person service with a crowd of witnesses every weekday and offer to receive responses on behalf of the claimant.

We need witnesses for the long haul and at a minimum three must last through to the end of the process without fail.

I envision local offices running decentralized software to interface with miltiple blockchains to store evidence, to record correapondence witness testimony day by day of response status. At first there will be RemedyCoin , but I welcome friendly competition. This is a way to certify attachment of value to a crypto from an injury.

Any help or thoughts you can offer to bring about this system are massively appreciated. As an activist I have suffered much harm that has gone un-compensated I am sure that others have as well.

But the biggest part, the market interface uses the distributed system of BarterDEX and I absolutely love this.


I see, looks like this requires somme good thought) but the goal is noble) Need to think probably some time, will let you know if I will have any additional ideas..