PIVX x NUMO Alliance: Pay for concerts, parking meters, etc with PIVX through the NUMO app

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PIVX is in the front of the line to be adopted into the mobile payments platform and app NUMO


With the platform already built, deployed, and running (apps already on iOS and Android), as well as some pretty high-level partnerships being teed up (from citywide implementation as the payment app for concerts, parking meters, etc) to Numo having signed a letter of intent with a national cannabis association in Canada to conduct a trial of the Numo platform in advance of cannabis legalization (Oct 2018), this is a big win for PIVX. For many reasons, NUMO is interested in PIVX (specifically the use of zPIV in anonymous transactions) and Numo as a point of sale system which is highly attractive to cannabis users and merchants as both groups seek to keep cannabis purchases and transaction histories private. More on that to come (see the alliance proposals/pre-proposal) - but the intent would be to have PIVX (zPIV) be the means/mechanism of private transaction or confidential transaction when using the NUMO wallet. Put another way, PIVX would be the default/standard of private transactions within the NUMO ecosystem, which is already large, and expanding.

You can read a LOT more about their intents, the plan, the ask, team, etc at their alliance proposal…which, they will be on the next PIVX alliance call on September 30th, 2018…4pm EST.

PIVX has been speaking with the core of NUMO (https://www.getnumo.com/home) for over a month now, and recently met face to face in Canada (They’re HQ in Toronto). Several other PIVX folks have been working with them as well, as conversations have expanded to deployment to multiple regions in the surrounding Toronto Area. As you can quickly tell, they know their proverbial stuff, and as they say…they are “reformed bankers” having experience from e-trade, RBC, and other Fortune 100 financial institutions.

Here’s to more 3rd party platforms seeing the immense value of PIVX and the PIVX network!

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good post

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cryptno thank you for your vote

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Basically PIVX is now moving to some sort of Centralised Token platform? what do the Numo tokens offer the holders themselves? They launched their ICO at the right time too.... Just dont know how Numo can fully claim to be Peer to Peer when Fiat is involved....

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They are point of sale Canadian company and want to use PIVX for cannabis tx since its fully anon. This is in line with what DASH is doing in the cannabis industry, there is huge demand for alternative payment methods because these local pot shops can still have problems with the Canadian and US federal governments. NUMO is trying to be more than just pot shops, it is their own kind of digital money they are trying to get accepted everywhere like apple pay or android pay.

Ok, but I dont see how Numo can help the Pot shops (yet). i will look into this further, but Numo does require KYC to be registered with. So the Pot shops will have to convert to FIAT(which they will) at an exchange ( possibly centralised)or at NUMO that follows Canadian KYC regulations. So my guess is, that if the govt wants to find out, they can go to Numo(if the shop used Numo to convert to FIAT) who will direct them to the shops(unwanted attention). From there, I'm assuming the shop received piv(zpiv?), which I guess does add a layer of anonymity if the customer comes in to pick up the goods ( may be other ways). The only advantage I see here for the pot shop is if they are too lazy to convert piv or zpiv to fiat themselves so they use NUMO, which can bring them attention. In any case I'm contacting NUMO now to find out more about their model and find out why they have a token and where I can them from and what use does it have for me.


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thanks for informations.

Well thats something. We still have a long way to go for adoption but its a start.

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Nice post @cryptno, thanks!

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PIVX is very strong cryptocurrency. Thanks for this valuable post.

Wow great News for the PIVX Blockchain they have the mpst advanced Tech in my opinion and are first movers with Zpiv staking, mobile Zpiv staking and the first anonymous DEX. I hope that markets soon appreciate the value PIVX.

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