Bullish on PIVX with the upcoming release of zDEX the first private in-wallet decentralized exchange

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PIVX is creating crypto's first private in-wallet decentralized exchange with zDEX. Price wise PIVX has shown strong support at $3 and the rumors that zDEX will be released by the end of July this year means that it will probably gain on Bitcoin when the market bounces. PIVX has made crypto history just a few weeks ago by becoming the world's first ever zerocoin proof of stake cryptocurrency.

PIVX YouTube Channel

Are you bullish or bearish on PIVX? Leave a comment.


This is not financial advice


i prefer to buy EXCL its older and has same system as the one you mentioned

@bigdaddy I like Exclusive Coin EXCL, rank 700 by market cap with a lot of room to grow.

EXCL has great potential but it's still a sleeping beauty.

PIVx has been marketing more, and building an ecosystem around the coin.

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thanks @smartsteem et @therealwolf for quick response

@smartsteem Only sent SBD 1 time in the last 2 weeks.... and your bot is broken it does not make +10% as you claim, most of the time I lose -10% it is a scam.

Yeah nowadays we don't profit from bots it helps only when we come to trending page and got others upvotes too.

yes you only sent 150SBD once this week

Chances are that extra 10% is due to the fact you buy such high votes from bidbots with so much steem that they take more curation from

Yes! Finally someone has opened his eyes! Fuck yess!

@tinytiger watch the PIVX/DASH chart. PIVX is the new DASH.

thanks for the info

I hope so, but I lost 214 PIVX when I started in crypto last year :(

Keep those cryptos offline

thank you

Bullish on pivx. Diversification is the only free lunch :).

Good to own a few of all the top privacy coins.

We are hearing lot of positive reviews on pivx for long time. it is time to show some power. go ahead pivx

PIVX's MVP is Snappy who creates weekly youtube videos keeping the whole project 100% transparent.

PIVX YouTube Channel

I would like to go with the Polymath it has a strong future for sure and project is having great impact.

I agree polymath is a great asset

Thanks for support and researching new tokens I found that Polymath is the greatest asset for anyone.

You are always welcome ;)

Polymath is good

I know the founder :) he's a good hockey player too!

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I totally agree, polymath leads a good future progress

can you explain why you believe that?

You yourself go through project i believe their schematic of security tokens will change the whole tokens scenario.

Thanks dear

yes i like polymath

It's a bloodbath at the moment in the markets with BTC dropping to $ 6650. This is a bad sign. The volume is very low. At this stage, selling in a panic can lead to high losses. The market needs to rest, as well as traders.

Today, the total capitalization has dropped below $ 300 billion. This has not happened since April 12, 2018.

no need to worry. market will bounce back soon.

I love the market dips. $$$$ comes out of bad coins and into good ones.

But this was much needed drop it will help to gain real investors and loose some small fake investors.

I also agree with you.. this is really a good project I already bought some..

I got 250 from its official airdrop and purchased 1250 more and looking to buy more 2500 on a deep.

which coin are you talking about?

ohh.. can I buy it?

Gran post

I will also go with @steem0 and choose polymath

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