20 reasons to buy PIVX

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  1. First ever zerocoin proof of stake cryptocurrency https://pivx.org/what-is-pivx/roadmap/
  2. Masternodes and zPoS create true self governance https://pivx.org/what-is-pivx/features/
  3. Masternode rewards up to 7% https://pivxmasternode.org/
  4. Instant tx under 3 seconds with fast confirmations https://pivx.org/coin-specs/
  5. Decentralized development team of community volunteers https://pivx.org/pivx-team/
  6. zDEX coming out and rewards go to masternodes
  7. Tx are minimal and only exist to prevent spam
  8. Tx fees are burnt and the circulating supply can be deflationary
  9. Only real competitor to Dash and is 12x less by market cap
  10. Price is down 80% from the highs of $14 in January, it is now $3.67
  11. Cold storage hardware wallet masternode collateral support
  12. PIVX Treasury ensures development will always continue
  13. s3v3n h4cks, Presstab, turtleflax for their support
  14. Built in wallet proposals
  15. Snappy Snap PIVX Press keeping the community informed https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4Wk2opstIsUvMOz9quFSg
  16. PIVX is focused on real world use and sponsors a Polish soccer team https://www.facebook.com/KKSRawa/
  17. PIVX Class instructional youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdgE7lf6KtrYCcVUOemLPfQ
  18. Deterministic zPIV Wallet
  19. Zerocoin privacy is real privacy
  20. UPF https://www.whypivx.com/



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I am more bullish on Steem than any other Cryptocurrency. Especially with the latest grading system made public by china and a B+ rating given by Weiss. Nothing compare to Steem now and it is only matter of time. I only now stick on the best blockchain.


I am also bullish on steem the technology is amazing.

me 2 my friend :)

Steem = moon

i will get some but when bitcoin bottom and we change the trend

heard a lot of positive reviews about pivx for long time.

The community is one of the best around, always active and positive. Pivx has no drama.

Thanks for sharing. I reblog this post.

Es importante, estar al dìa con las nuevas criptomomnedas si es un proyecto interesante pero por las caracteristicas me quedo con el BTC y Steemit. son las que me inspirar mayor confianza.

si si

Huge fan of Pivx since the beginning, this post helped me know why even better.

How can you run masternode?


PIVX is really aewsome


Bought so many coins in last 6 months but never bought this one. Might be a sleeping giant as have never been in the news much and no off and on pumps and dumps. But the word is out now, I believe there is something hidden in this project for the future, thanks for sharing.

PIVX is slowly taking over DASH

seems you have a bag of PIVX ... I am rekt now ... would love to consider in future

কন দল জিতবে বলতে পারিনা তবে ছাই এবার জারমানরা জিতক আরজেন্তিনা ব্রাজিল এরা জিতে ফেরা হবেনা ফুতবুল খেলা আমার ভাল লাগে

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@nutritree I believe you may be right...the more I think about it, the more I am convinced it's a bad thing for decentralization. Proof of Stake seems to be a way for those who hold the majority of wealth to deceive the people and continue holding it without Work...This platform is designed in such a way as to allow the wealthy to influence what we see and choose who is paid more for content...not a very good measure of value if you ask me.

PIVX actually has good distribution

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It can maintain decentralization better than any other coin because it has zpos zerocoin stakers as well as masternode governance. The zerocoin stakers are UNTRACEABLE which means that the network can basically never be shut down by tracking the stakers. The masternode system has many many masternodes like Dash and these serve to vote on new code in proposals. The coin can not change or do anything without these 2 governance systems working in coordination.

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Ive stayed ouy of PIVX since missing its early rally but it is time for me to buy a private focused coin. Need more research though.

Pivx is a best of the best privacy coin

I agree, good project with an active team

which team member do you think is the game changer?

I dont know. Im new here on steemit :D

  ·  last year (edited)

s3v3n h4cks, Presstab, turtleflax as well as Snappy who makes great videos

That is good coin,i taked profit of it on bitrex ;)

Which of the exchanges would you recommend for buying PIVX?

I have sent some PIVX to my core wallet and it has been 3 weeks since i sent it the transaction is still pending I love the coin but 3 weeks guys its a lot

There is obviously some issue like you are on the wrong chain, or wallet is not updated

Yes you are right I have the wrong wallet, now I have 2 pending transactions should I wait until the transaction are done or should I install the new wallet before the 2 pending transactions arrive in to the wallet could you help me out pls :(

here is the link on the PIVX blockchain


I'm bullish on PIVX, and the first and only reason is the Masternode system. Love to invest in the first Masternode coin.

there are some projects which have masternode system

Yes but I learned about PIVX back then when I was studying to trade. Back then PIVX was so much cheaper also.

Dash and Pivx are ahead of the rest by far

I think it's pretty good, you should also consider DeepOnion which allow native staking through TOR, stealth address, many innovations on the side and working on a new multiring signature like technology too !

Onion has potential

Pivx is my next coin to purchase.

nice buudy i gave u upvote

Whoa football at night. Playing football is a privilege in 2 conditions. Whwn it is raining or at night. Lovely football skills these 2 guyz are showing. Lovely post. Really liked it

The only issues with these is you need some serious cash and decent hardware along with the know how to run your own masternode



What do you think about Lisk? Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and returns around 11% - Psy like Lisk

Bullish on Lisk, great project

Very unbiased opinion eh? :P

PIVX is hard to not be biased about because of all the innovation of the devs

TX' PIVX is slower than BTS and Steem. Your Info is not true

TX is not really 3 seconds, it is actually instant.

I like football 🏈

This is a nice decentralizing system
I'll make a trial on it

So far Pivx seems to hold as a solid project and community. Its my favourate privacy coin since the recent monero forking escapade. Decent price at the moment... just a bit above the price i picked it up in March and im looking to pick up more if the price dips a little more.🤔 Good luck everyone.

nice information. going to upvote you on such a nice info. follow me please

good post

You rock! I gave you a vote!

Pivx is a great price right now. Hopefully it becomes a more prominent Privacy coin in the future. Definitely worth having some to Hodl.

It has zerocoin privacy making it one of the best privacy options along with monero and zcash

PIVX is a good coin but if you want to buy and hold it a long time. That is not good idea because nowtoday there are many coin better than PIVX.

like what? dash is only real competition and PIVX is better than dash

Toma el control del DASH lentamente... Gigante dormido!


Well executed project!!

"20 reasons to buy PIVX" added for voting, proof and forecast on YEENOT TODAY https://yeenot.today/catalog/news/299
great for PIVX grow up?

buena información,veremos mas adelante gracias por tu apoyo

your post is very amazing, hopefully your day is always fun, visit my blog tokong.

great info

Fallow My channel :)

I've been curious about what the benefits behind PIVX is for a long time now. Much love for this one @cryptno!!

As we know PIVX has successfully implemented PoS (Proof of Stake) meaning that it does not require the resource-intensive process of mining in the same way that other coins do. It's also a fork of Dash, and well, we all know how well that has done recently!

My prediction is that we are going to see a huge change in the crypto landscape this year. I believe Bitcoin will lose it's dominance, and we will see one or two other coins capitalise. I genuinely believe PIVX to be one of these.

What does everyone else think? Are there any other coins tipped for success?

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PIVX seems to be one of the more stable Masternode coins out thee along with Dash. Great functionality too!

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Im not interested. :)

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