Why Did Cryptassist Choose A Dag Based Algorithm?

It is believed by many in the cryptosphere that DAG will become the next generation Blockchain. Blockchain 3.0. In order to stay at the forefront of crypto technology, Cryptassist will convert to a DAG based algorithm in Q1 2019.

Blockchain is a concept that started gaining popularity as a standalone technology in 2015. Previously it was known only as the data structure underlying the technology behind Bitcoin and was referred to simply as “a chain of blocks”.

As Bitcoin rose in popularity it became known as Blockchain 1.0, but with transaction speeds of only a maximum of 7 TPS and taking 10 minutes to generate a new block. Then along came Ethereum as a decentralized platform for applications and the crypto world began to refer to it as Blockchain 2.0, but still only being able to perform 20 TPS.

Cryptassist will implement DAG – Blockchain 3.0
Direct Acyclic Graph, or DAG, is a structure that uses topological ordering, meaning that it can only go from earlier to later. DAG is often used to solve problems related to data processing, scheduling, data compression and finding the best route in navigation, meaning that it is infinitely more efficient than other blockchain solutions.

Solving the scalability issues that many other cryptocurrencies face
Cryptassist has a block generation time of only 30 seconds and transaction speeds of a blistering 3,500 TPS, meaning that is at the forefront of blockchain technology and giving Cryptassist users an edge in the ever dynamic cryptosphere.


To learn more about the Cryptassist DAG algorithm or the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at www.cryptassist.io


As the best principle of every expert developer is using the right tool for the right job. @cryptoassist team have done rigorous research on their technology and have chosen the best Algorithm procedures for scalability of the project. Kudos to the team.

cryptocurrency will become Blockchain 3.0
that's great

i'm watching DAG algo few months ago, and i'm glad that your project will choose DAG as your algo.

Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
Project and developers best wishes!

Amazing! 3500 TPS is much higher than the current highest transaction rate which is 3000 TPS by EOS. Cryptassist probably a new era of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the basic system of the CryptAssist project. I consider this a great advantage.

This is one of the best projects to date! I advise everyone to join!

A great news to the community.

It's so nice to see that blockchain technology is developing! Thank you!

A wonderful project

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