Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. The project will be a great success in the world of blockchain technologies.

No doubt, Cryptassist is a great project. hope for the best

I am glad that this project brings such a revolution. When the world develops, things get better.It is interesting to observe and be a part of such projects!

i think, this project no need to wait till 2 September, soon the hardcap will reached

I admire how big the ecosystem of this platform is, it's very impressive, and I really like your motto!

Its very powerful project!

Yes, Indeed at it has 25 features

really like this project, I hope the team will succeed and the project will occupy the highest positions

I do not know about the ranking but the project ambition is too tough to achieve

I think the idea and the concept behind the Cryptassist project are very interesting. They are going to make the crypto world simple, their concept is unique in offering all the features on one platform. So don't miss it! Be part of the revolution!

are you investing in this project?

the soft cap is reached, what else are you waiting for? the project is going to proceed as it is, so make sure you get in the boat now!

How much is the hard cap? How much money needed to make it successful?

The project is going to the moon, we are moving at a very fast pace. The community is behind the project. go go go @cryptassist

really great project #cryptassist

lots of feature in a single projects. Let us see what happens

25 apps and something for all means alot for each individual.. Thanks team

Great team. No doubt about it But the project is too ambitious.

Great ico ever! Good luck to the team!

Good luck to you too. Did you invested in the project?

New opportunities are always of interest. Do not miss the chance to join a promising project.

What are you expecting from this project

Here comes noteworthy ICO which is definitely deserves to be invested in. Take your time to check this!

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

The Cryptassist platform is a one-stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed and the potential for even greater profits.

A wonderful project and just an excellent idea, an excellent team of specialists! I am convinced that the project has great prospects!

Cryptassist is the Best Platform for cryptocurrency traders and content developers with excellent set of necessary tools for analys and trading cryptocurrencies !..

I have already studied the documentation of Cryptassist and I think that the project has every chance to collect Hardcap before the scheduled time! I joined the project!

Very good!! I already got my CTA tokens because for me the cryptassist project is very promising.

One of the most astonishing projects currently around! I am totally in awe of the ambitious nature this initiative emanates!

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
Great project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

We wish you the best of luck guys! The first stage was very successful, so we hope the main token generation event will be even better!

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Cryptassist might be a great investment for the future.

This is a great opportunity to cover your investments in this bearish period.

I see a big future of this platform not only because of great idea and lot of useful features, but because of a strong team behind all that.

ICO sales are very important. If we get high investments we develop the Cryptassist platform.

A huge revolution with such a small supply. Great things is expected for this project

Here we go! If you missed the presale phase now you can join the next step sale phase, Cryptasisst ICO! I believe it will reach the hardcap sorthly.

Cryptassist believes that cryptocurrencies should be useful in everyday life. It will be, with the passage of time, people will adopt to this wonderful technology!

#CryptAssist #CTA
Cryptassit member will have the chance of converting their #cryptocurrencies into CTA which will conveniently be converted to fiat and put directly onto an exclusive prepaid Card, this debit card can be used as any other debit card.

The cryptassist is the best project with a Very Good team!!

We just have some weeks before ICO sale period will end, so we all should participate in the ICO sale and have the bonus.

Really a big fan of their platforms and crypto solutions. Great innovations in cryptocurrencies and projects.

I'm sharing the same ideas. Cryptocurrency will change the global economics and every day life.

To this platform will be a lot of things tied. It's good to make security when logging in.

The team's training camp is going well. Even though very big hardcap

Excellent project, this ico has everything to succeed to make a lot of success among the investor community, talented super competent team well structured, will be part of my portfolio of investments the future is now ,, Congratulations to the whole team

The team offers a variety of ideas and tools. The idea and concept of the Cryptassist project is very interesting.

I will participate in ICO, because I believe in the project. A very interesting idea for the team, this can not be missed

The project amazes with its scale!

You can login to Cryptassist via the web or on your mobile device -either way you will have access to everything they have to offer. u need.

Limited supply of coins... great

Cryptassist believes that cryptocurrencies should be useful in everyday life

The future of the project is excellent - everything is in white paper. Do not be confused by the fact that the project goes to the finish line for another year and a few months. But be sure that the end of 2019 will be marked by the appearance of a real giant and this is CryptAssist.

I like that CryptAssist is a big ecosystem. Then everyone will find something for themselves: miner, trader, and any other crypto-enthusiast. Convenient exchange of the top 50 cryptocurrency and do not forget about the draw of tesla roadster!

Cryptassist has all the amazing features to make trading easy for traders .

Team, interesting features in product. I think Cryptassist will be successful after ICO! Good Luck guys!

Really an Amazing platform to join......

Cryptassist project is an interesting one. The concept is very thoughtful and will definitely be used by all as it will bring a lot of crypto exchangers to one platform and controlled by one login.
Pretty convenient.

Speed plays a crucial role in our time.

I imagine that the thought and an idea driving the Cryptassist venture are extremely intriguing. They will make crypto the world straightforward, their idea is novel in the offer of all highlights on one stage.

A cool project with an original idea and good prospects for development

Trade on Cryptassist’s own fully licensed spot exchange, shop with your own debit card that can be refilled using any of the top 50 cryptocurrencies

truly as this undertaking, I trust that the group will make progress, and the task will achieve the most elevated positions

I like the product Cryptassist Exchange , it really revolutionary decision! Also it very comfortable to use

In the Cryptassist variety of tools and services that will send personalized notifications to users who have unique profiles, goals or investment strategies. Please contact us and refer to the pre-sales coins.

Are you in the cryptassit team?

#CryptAssist is a victorious project with higher return on investment. Well realistic concept with good project team. Maximum outcome with limited supply. Get connected with the tremendous revolution now... #CryptAssist #CTA

Everyone must avail this opportunity and must join the project.Its a uniqu project and it has big potential.

This company looks very worthy and interesting, I think it has a great future. I believe in the future of this project.

I see the big future of this platform not only because of the fine idea and party of useful features, but because of strong team behind everything it.

Your project surprises with an innovative approach, and I see your team consists of highly talented members possessing of many years of hands on industry experience. #CryptAssist

Cryptassist project social networks communities are quite big as well. Hope you guys will able to realize all your plans.

Impressive token metrics, this will drive the price up and put it on the top 100 currencies once it starts trading.

After studying the white paper, you can immediately understand that the project offers a unique ecosystem that gives great opportunities when working with cryptocurrency and changes the worldview of the user.

Great news, cryptassists is the future, lets support them

Cryptassist will create visually-compelling websites that communicate the projects’ unique visions to potential investors.

A new interesting project. This company has a great future, which will not make us wait. joining it you will never regret it. This Project uses the latest technologies in the field of crypto currency. Every day she attracted more and more attention.

ICO is a very important stage for the project! Cryptassist achieved good results. The project is developing every day. Good luck! Waiting for more news!

Great news. #Cryptassist launches a referral program that will speed up the recognition process of the project, as well as give an excellent opportunity to earn more tokens. I think that if you are looking for a promising ico with a good product and earning opportunities, then ico Cryptassist will definitely interest you. Act now!

One of features is Cryptassist ChatPay:
Cryptassist chatpay will function like a messenger. Users can use this Dapp to communicate with contacts and merchants. Users can also chat with other users of this platform who are located nearby to buy goods and services. This eliminates the middlemen and the users can directly chat with the sellers and buy the goods in crypto.

I just admire this company, wish you great success on icoGreat team, great company, great road map! I'm sure the company will show great results! Today there is a great urgency of development in this field! I participate in the ICO, and encourage everyone to participate. Good luck to all!

I see the huge eventual fate of this stage not just on account of the fine thought and gathering of helpful highlights, but since of solid group behind all that it.

Total supply is 88m, 4 times Bitcoin, is very little, but its value will be very high

I will spread the news that the ICO is live for this fantastic project!

Part of the Cryptassist ecosystem, is the perfect transition for new crypto users getting into the crypto world.

Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed and the potential for even greater profits. With this platform you can make good profits.

A very good project that attracts more people, the concept of Cryptassist is a game changer in the crypto space, this concept will really help newcomers in crypto space.

I see the huge eventual fate of this stage not just due to the fine thought and gathering of helpful highlights, but since of solid group behind all that it.

Wish most of success for Cryptassist ICO. Its a great opportunity.

Cryptassist is becoming a part of the cryptocurrency revolution by offering a series of new platforms that specifically support users, giving more advantages to investors so investors can assess the market one way the most correct

You can the login to Cryptassist through system or on your cell phone - in any case you will have an entrance to everything that they bring to the table. u prerequisite.

#crytassist is a project that all crypto lover's shouldn't miss, because it's a great one.

it is good project and it will doing great

Ecosystem Cryptassist is designed to make digital money affordable, easy to use for everyone. With the help of this platform, managing crypto-active assets is simple, profitable, operations are performed almost instantly.

I have officially contemplated documentation of Cryptassist, and I feel that the venture has each opportunity to gather Hardcap before the arranged time. I have joined the task.

Very interesting project. I am sure that the rating of this project will grow and will be at a good level

DAG algorithm is awesome because it will make transactions more faster as what CryptAssist use , it will reach up to 5000 transactions per seconds.

Finally... The #CryptAssist ICO is now live... The project is one of the BEST... Great work guys

CTA will run on a blistering fast DAG algorithm and also have a deflationary model where CTA used for premium alerts and services are burned, meaning less CTA potentially increasing the value of the remaining CTA.
#CTA #CryprAssist

The Cryptassist application will be used daily, as the most complete and easy to use cryptocurrency service. this is great

I sincerely believe in the success of your project! After the successful conduct of ICO and listing on stock exchanges, the price of your token will grow many times!

I buy this tokens and believe in success this company!!! Cryptassist

Did you get the token instantly into your wallet?

I think this is a project that has a good innovation with this project.Offer to take part in ICO! This will help to make a lot of money. I recommend everyone to pay attention

This project includes an strong team, an exciting idea, a great start! The project is very interesting and very promising. Hope that this project will lead to success, keep going forward! Be part of a growing community.

#CryptAssist has a great roadmap with great ICO. Good luck to this project and the team.

Have you bought #CTA tokens? Don't miss out your chance to own CTA tokens before its ICO closes. The price will rise when it lists on the exchange.

Very nice article, thanks for sharing it with us! Will follow your steemit page , to know all latest news from team!

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