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Cryptassist is gebaseerd op het idee dat cryptogeld voor iedereen toegankelijk moet zijn, niet alleen voor crypto-experts. Met jarenlange collectieve ervaring presenteert het Cryptassist-team eindelijk een echte oplossing.

Cryptassist brengt cryptogeld naar mensen uit alle lagen van de bevolking. Bij Cryptassist geloven we dat Cryptogeld en blockchain de toekomst is. Wij geloven dat massale adoptie onvermijdelijk is, het zal gebeuren, en we willen helpen om dit mogelijk te maken.

We begrijpen dat het cryptogeld-ecosysteem ongelooflijk complex en intimiderend aan het worden is. Er is zoveel informatie beschikbaar, zo veel uitwisselingen en platforms en block explorers, dat het nu ongelofelijk moeilijk is voor beginners of mensen zonder eerdere crypto kennis om mee te doen.

Dat is de reden waarom Cryptassist hier is
Cryptassist ziet een wereld waar crypto gemakkelijk is, dat het bruikbaar is in het dagelijks leven en dat het leuk is. We willen het perfecte platform zijn voor nieuwe crypto-gebruikers om de crypto-wereld comfortabel en met vertrouwen te betreden en gevestigde handelaars en enthousiastelingen alle tools, functies en informatie te bieden die nodig zijn om te slagen in de crypto-wereld op één eenvoudig te gebruiken platform .

Cryptassist heeft iets voor iedereen om crypto bruikbaar te maken
Het Cryptassist-platform zal bestaan uit 25 functies en apps, waaronder een eigen, volledig gelicentieerde spotbeurs, een bankpas die kan worden geüpload met de top 50 cryptovaluta, een multi-coin block explorer en zelfs een game waarmee je crypto kunt winnen.

Met Cryptassist is crypto voor iedereen beschikbaar

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Complex application and ecosystem for crypto currency, which has no analogues

Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
Project and developers best wishes!

The concept of cryptassist is very best! Proud to be the member of this. I respect to the developer.

totally dazzling section on blockchain with the huge and supporting and their motor.

Which problems does Cryptassist aim to solve?

One of the main problems in the cryptosphere is that over time, cryptocurrency has become more and more difficult for novices and even experts to understand and is not yet widely useable as a currency on a daily basis.

Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

it will be available to everyone and everyone will have the access to cryptocurrencies by gaining more knowledge.

With Cryptassist, crypto-currencies are available to everyone! A unique platform of applications and functions, with its spot exchange, a card with a huge list of crypto currency! Grandiose work! Good luck!

very good ico.

Cryptassist - is
success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Cryptassist presenteert een ongewoon en moeilijk idee. Gehoopt wordt dat dit met de steun van investeerders zal lukken. Persoonlijk geloof ik in het succes van het project!

Really to overcome the difficulties faced by crypto currency user on the daily basis; only innovative idea of @cryptassist can solve the problems.. I think th ico assistant will help to get rid out of this kind of problem.. Good luck team.

totally stunning segment on the blockchain with great and supportive and their drive.

With so much influence at the investors from different countries, you guarantee the success of the ICO!

The Cryptoassist team is very capable and innovative. No doubt this will be great success!!

I believe in the success of your project!

With Cryptassist the worldwide mainstream use of cryptocurrencies will become very easy

Nice project!

Getting an idea is one thing but putting it into action.... Great work.. Thanks team

Very interesting project! A professional team that knows its business! One of the most promising and successful projects to date! I advise everyone to join and to watch the development

Good team

The Cryptoassist group is extremely fit and dynamic. It will be undoubted awesome achievement!!

totally dazzling portion on blockchain with the huge and supporting and their motor.

Very good platform with excellent tools.

Cryptassist is a good platform for the blockchain and all the users around the world.

I am heavingly rely on this project because it is a very good project and team members are hardworking.

Do business on #CryptAssist and have fun playing your favorite game all included in the platform.

I am very glad to be part of this amazing project as it features are mind blowing.

The Cryptassist platform is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information, whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert #CryptAssist #CTA

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totally staggering section on blockchain with the enormous and supporting and their motor.

A very handy project for crypto trading decisions. Great project.

cool, dit is een nuttige toepassing, heeft een duidelijke economische waarde en is winstgevend voor de gebruiker, hopelijk binnenkort gelanceerd.

Extremely intriguing task! Proficient group which knows her business! A standout amongst the most encouraging and effective ventures up until this point! I encourage all to join and screen advancement

Exceptionally intriguing venture! Proficient group which knows her business! A standout amongst the most encouraging and effective ventures up until this point! I encourage all to join and screen advancement

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

With Cryptassist the global overwhelming utilization of cryptographic forms of money will turn out to be simple

Ik moet zeggen dat de filosofie en denkwijzen van dit project mij erg aanspreken vanwege de deel-mentaliteit en gebruiksvriendelijkheid dat het de mensen biedt!

i love this project its awsome

Excellent project. Let's get all behind this project which is trying to serve a greater purpose in order to change our daily lives through cryptocurrency!

We all know how important communication in social media can have a significant impact on a project. #Cryptassist has done well

nice concepts

The CryptoAssist project offers good opportunities and everyone is waiting for its work in full.

i am proud to be part of this amazing platform

awesome of luck team..

Very nice, CryptAssist able to create a platform that is suitable for every one to make them profitable.

Within the Cryptassist application users will be able to communicate with the creators of the project and voice their opinions and concerns.

Since CTAs are used to pay for services or products on the Cryptassist platform, and these CTAs are burned, this will create a deficit and in the future will lead to an increase in the price.

Unique features

People tell about their impressions about the company and share your observations. Everyone will be interested to know your opinion.

Goed concept! Het is de bestemming voor andere valuta. Cryptassist is de toekomst.

Het is fantastisch het concept van het Cryptassist-project en de globale visie die het heeft, met zijn set crypto-gerelateerde tools allemaal in één applicatie.

Cryptassist implementeert in haar platform nuttige tools waarvan ik denk dat ze de gebruiker de mogelijkheid bieden om hun crypto echt elke dag te gebruiken, en dit kan zeer nuttig zijn voor de normalisatie van het gebruik.

Bovendien maakt het Cryptassist-platform cryptocurrencies toegankelijk voor iedereen, niet alleen crypto-experts, en zal het zeker cryptocurrency brengen voor mensen uit alle lagen van de bevolking.

I just read about the perfect idea you have instituted, The ICO Assistant. I think this feature will go a long way to help project founders plan their project and lunch an ICO in order to raise capital for the project in a legitimate way.

leuk artikel, ga zo door en maak meer

Cryptassist CryptoGo will be a fun augmented reality game to play and will help to bring crypto to the masses. The game manages airdrops for different coins. Coins will be dropped worldwide at random and specifically targeted locations. This is a great project indeed. all the best in your ico

Join and become a part of new technologies. I am so glad to belong to a part this project.

fresh idea will always has their place to attract many investors to join, dont ever miss the chance

It's a good news. I will definitely advise this project to my friends and acquaintances.

Really good ICO. Respect developers!