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The over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency market sees hundreds of millions of dollars worth of coins moved on a daily basis. The popularity of this method of selling and buying cryptocurrencies has increased tenfold in the last year alone.

Cryptassist offers this convenient option on the Cryptassist platform
Cryptassist users will be able to sell any cryptocurrency of any quantity to other users OTC. Not only for the top coins, but also for altcoins that cannot be traded anymore or do not have enough volume.

Risk free trading
Sellers can place an ad for their coins to see if there is a buyer and Cryptassist will then function as an escrow service, receiving and holding the cryptocurrency from the seller and the payment from the buyer, therefore creating risk free trading for users. Auctions for cryptocurrency sales will be paid for with CTA and a small service fee will be charged in CTA.

This CTA will be burned, creating deflation.


Cryptassist will solve problems by making cryptocurrency easy usable for everyone in everyday life.

I agree with you, this project will simplify trading, and also allow the arrival of new investors, which will strengthen the world of cryptocurrency

I really like everything the development team doing. I hope soon we will be able to test the new platform

Now it would be easy to move your cryptos

Nice feature. With such feature cryptocurrency will softly enter our daily life. 50 different coins in one Debit Card. Great! But how are you going to do this?

Innovative and very exciting project, it will surely be successful and will reach the planned goal. I hope this project will attract more in

Sounds like awesome project.hope they will succeedas planned.

burning idea always an interesting idea, i hope that idea will bring more benefit for this project and also for users and investors

Cryptassist is a great project, and a great idea! These guys really want to develop this market. Good luck!

Cryptassist provides users with the latest #technologies and information schemes,

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