CRYPTASSIST - Интеграция веб-сайтов

Чтобы помочь пользователям Cryptassist собирать самую последнюю информацию о рейтингах рыночной капитализации и рентабельности, Cryptassist будет интегрировать три ведущих веб-сайта по этим темам. Все будет на одной простой в использовании платформе.


Интеграция CoinMarketCap.
На веб-сайте CoinMarketCap представлен всеобъемлющий обзор рейтинга рыночной капитализации, диаграммы в простой форме и многое другое, что позволяет пользователям подробно анализировать рынок криптовалюты.


Интеграция CoinWarz.
Cryptassist будет интегрирован с CoinWarz, это удобный инструмент для майнеров, чтобы видеть, какие монеты наиболее выгодны для майнинга. Отображаемая информация о прибыльности криптовалют основана на статистическом расчете. Используются указанные хеш-теги, но не учитываются колебания обменного курса, различные показатели, эффективность и стоимость пула.


Интеграция с “Exchange War”.
Exchange War - это веб-сайт, на котором указаны самые популярные обмены криптовалютой. А также 24-часовой доступ к диаграммам, которые позволяют делать сравнения. Это поможет в принятии решений, где покупать и продавать свою криптовалюту.


So many feature in a single projects. Go ahead @cryptassist

Cryptassist goal is to supply everyone access to the world of crypto through a number of essential tools/apps. Going from trading, news alerts, signals, to a FIAT exchange and even a debit card.

The Cryptassist has the best ratings in all analytical reports! The project is very serious and solves many problems that are really relevant in our time! Website integration is very convenient!

Вообще отличная новость!

Cryptassist is the link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
The developers of the project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

Cryptassist believes that cryptocurrencies should be useful in everyday life

This is a very cool modern and usefull platform! No doubt that in the near future, this project will have a great success! Im proud to be a part of It! Thank you guys!

это просто идеально, иметь лучший выбор у себя под рукой!!!

Cryptassist has been mentioned as a potential project. With so many functions in a project, hopefully all will grow well

Super! The project will help many people to earn money!

very recommended project to join. Coz cryptassist really useful nad help many people in their daily life.

Эта платформа- просто находка, как для трейдеров, майнеров, так и для обычных пользователей, которые имеют дело с криптовалютой. Удачи проекту. Надеюсь у них все задуманное получиться.

This project is unique and promising, with a great hard worker team.👍

Its a unique prjet using latest technology.

Cryptassist, continuously hold position on territory of innovation. It will be the potential designer

Cryptassist is the best recommendable ico of 2018.

Extremely solid task with an extensive number of cash. It is intriguing project

Exchange, Debit card - All are available in cryptassist. good luck

Nice to see everyone working as one to achieve a common goal !!!

Cryptassist are gradually occupy the position on the field of technology. It will be a potential developer

You guys are super! You do a lot of work and embody many new ideas.

I believe this project will make waves in the cryptocurrency world.
Wonderful ICO, strong team, great idea!

Keep the good work guys

I am happy to be part of this amazing project.

Very reliable project with a lot of money. This is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary

wonderful project. I participate from the very beginning and I'm not going to stop.

Cryptassist, bit by bit hold position on zone of innovation. It will be the potential engineer

Cryptassit делает мир лучшим местом такого количества новых способов использования криптовалюты в повседневной жизни!

Я надеюсь, что cryptassit создаст платформу,которая сможет помочь сделать криптомир лучше.

I trust that this venture will make waves in the realm of digital currency.

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

The project is made on the blockchain

Trading with crypto currency will be a very familiar thing to all of us in future.

Great technical solution, great team. Success is imminent I believe in the idea and implementation of the project. #CryptAssist #CTA

Cryptassist already has quite a few excellent partners on board. And, this will get even better once more potential partners got to experience the brilliance of this project.

Очень удобный инструмент получится, все в одном флаконе. Жду не дождусь релиза.

Cryptassist as of now have a lot of brilliant accomplices locally available. What's more, it will turn out to be far and away superior indeed, potential accomplices have come to test shine of this venture.

People can satisfy the interest in the product from anywhere on the planet

Cryptassist Отличная Платформа с потрясающим набором необходимых инструментов для анализа и торговли криптовалютами !..

The collection of information for research seems easier for users through the Cryptassist platform. In particular, Cryptassist uses three major web platforms, including COinmarketCap, CoinWar, ExchageWar.

Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

This blockchain based project will create lot of positives to crypto world and to the use of crypto coin for trading by introducing usable crypto platform which is going to solve major crypto sector related issues.#CryptAssist #CTA

Cryptassist - a step into the future. I believe in your project and I believe that you need to invest in you. Your topic is very relevant for today and promising for the near future!

Удобные функции для майнеров и трейдеров. Главное - все на одной площадке, удобно и просто.

Cryptassist will offer multiple special services and products for which customers can pay with CTA. Good project

Cryptassist the excellent platform with a gigantic arrangement of fundamental apparatuses for the investigation and exchange cryptographic forms of money

Cryptassist right now have numerous splendid associates, in the nearby size of accessible. Moreover, it will be undeniable above extremely, potential assistants have touched base to check sparkle of this endeavor.

The Cryptassist mission is to supply everybody with liberated access to the universe of crypto-resources through a variety of basic devices with everything from exchanging and news alarms, to an OTC trade and even a check card.

#CTA #CryptAssist
Integrating all these will make Cryptassist, even more user-friendly. I believe many are not aware about what Cryptassist is trying to achieve.

actually @cryptassist is working hard the team will their target.

interesting and potential project

#CryptAssist #CTA this is the kind of project that everyone expected....

Cryptassist solves the problem of complexity by supplying all of the necessary resources in one easy to access location.

Lots of convenience and benefits to offer especially to crypto enthusiasts and traders.

Glad to be part of this project. Good luck and prosperity

Very interesting to know about the integration feature with Exchange War Integration. #CryptAssist is a hit already!

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

It's nice to be involved in something grand and great! Thank you for what you are doing! it's really a breakthrough in digital technologies. Good luck to you guys and I to you to the end.

A happines to everyone who found this crypto changer project! Hoping for more news about you guys!

this is really a great platform to be on cryptocurreny.... its the future

Among all the types of integration the one with CoinmarketCap is the most important for the development and dissemination of the project.

интересно, как будет выглядеть окончательное решение об интеграции этих сервисов. будет ли это целый отдельный сервис или удобный доступ к каждому из 3 сайтов по необходимому запросу?

One of the main problems in the cryptosphere is that over time, cryptocurrency has become more and more difficult for novices and even experts to understand and is not yet widely useable as a currency on a daily basis. Cryptassist will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

several features in one project keep it up

Платформа криптоанализа будет действительно шоу.

Все в одном месте, удобно и комфортно. Мне очень нравится

I'm very glad that I joined ico #Cryptassist, I did not see so many opportunities on any platform. This suggests that the competitors at Cryptassist - no. If you are looking for a successful and promising ico, then join ico Cryptassist right now.

Check out this article about CryptAssist - The One Stop Solution for the Crypto World

Integrating all these will make Cryptassist, even more user-friendly. I believe many are not aware about what Cryptassist is trying to achieve. But once the app is launched, then a lot of ppl will fomo .

Я думаю, что с большим успехом Cryptassist интегрирует эти три веб-сайта в свою платформу, учитывая, что они являются справочными веб-сайтами с точки зрения крипторесурсов, которые помогут пользователям Cryptassist собирать самую последнюю информацию о рыночной капитализации и рейтингах рентабельности.

С одной стороны, есть CoinMarketCap, эталонная страница с точки зрения консультаций на общем рынке криптоконверсий. И для другой CoinWarz и Exchange War, двух очень полезных инструментов для шахтеров и трейдеров соответственно. Хорошая работа.

Cryptassist recomended ico 2018!

The Cryptassist Application is a revolutionary in cryptocurrency trading .

Great idea! The most important thing is security, in my opinion.

New technologies are new opportunities. great concept and I'm glad that I'm here! think this project fully successful for the benefits to all users. Thoughtful and clear ideas make it really attractive.

Undoubtedly, this function will be useful to those who are engaged in the extraction of coins, as they will see the most profitable for work

Don't miss out! Be a part of the project by joining the ICO or bounty program. Visit the website for more information.

Genuinely I trust that at your group everything will turn out

One of the few projects that are attractive for long-term investment! A well-designed roadmap, transparency and projected growth - all this is not indifferent and does pass up! Definitely worth to participate!

очень удобно что будет несколько функций в одном месте, таким образом возможно будет наиболее быстро реагировать на рыночные изменения

thanks for the information, CryptoAssist is the one top listed project, there users and investors get good benefits.

Cryptassist Freelancer creates the perfect space for you to get work done online.

Cryptassist одно из наиболее перспективных ICO этого года.

A good idea for the project as well as a strong team is the guarantee of the success of any project

I see many experienced team members with great capabilities present in this project. Very excited to monitor the progress of Cryptassist in the coming months!

A promising idea combined with a strong experienced team should ensure the success of this project.

Что даст эта интеграция? Просто не надо будет переходить по разным сайтам, а будет все на одной платформе но те же данные? Например в CoinMarketCap есть что улучшить, может быть платформе стоит сделать свое решение по анализу рынка? Мы помним как CoinMarketCap убрал корейский рынок и капитализация резко снизилась хотя по факту просто с подсчета убрали Корею.

Cryptassist is one of the best recommendable ico of this year!
You team are doing great.

Cryptassit has so many new features for make the crypto world easy for both newbies and experts of crypto

#Cryptassist intention is to furnish all and sundry get admission to to the world of crypto thru a range of quintessential tools/apps. Going from trading, information alerts, signals, to a FIAT alternate and even a debit card.

CryptAssist is innovative crypto currency with advance technology where a lot of crypto have not done before, its all in one crypto

Cryptassist will integrate three leading websites on these topics. Everything will be on one easy-to-use platform.

Хорошая идея. Я с нетерпением жду сильного варианта использования этого проекта. Конечно, вы, ребята, замечательные и трудолюбивые, чтобы воплотить этот проект в реальность. технологический проект, основанный на блокхейне с большими мечтами, его хорошо. Я с нетерпением жду будущего развития. Я хотел бы прочитать больше, и я буду, присоединяюсь к вам

Помню, как-то использовал api coinmarketcap для своего приложения, удобная штука.Жаль только что публичный доступ закрывают после 4-го декабря (( Кстати, если вам удастся собрать всю информацию по обменника, это будет действительно мощно ) Поменьше багов и побольше фич вашей команде! )

Cryptassist will go into the stock market very quickly. We must do our investments immediately :)

Отличная идея - все будет в одном м есте под рукой - мне очень нравиться

Be part of the #CryptAssist project and get good return on your investment...

On the Cryptassist platform, there is also the name Cryptassist Multi-Coin Block Explorer which can be used to track our cryptocurrency transactions.

Отличные идеи! Множество интеграций поможет развить проект Cryprtassist!

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