Cryptassist将实现DAG -区块链3.0







3500 tps awesome . go cryptassist

Very reliable project with a lot of money. This is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary

this is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary. the Cryptassist company tokens the most powerful team of developers made this project interesting and creative

Cryptassist again surprises. A new tool Cryptassist One Trading is able to help and facilitate the work of traders by giving them the opportunity to trade via the Internet or mobile application on more than 50 exchanges with one login. This is really an excellent approach to business vision. Cryptassist offers the best tools on the market and we have an excellent opportunity to get them first. Do not miss this opportunity and join now!

Cryptassist将实现DAG -区块链3.0


New opportunities are always of interest. Do not miss the chance to join a promising project.

Transaction speed and cost is the main problem of Bitcoin and Ethereum. CryptAssist successfully solves these problems.

I cannot wait to see all the products, you are showing. Especially the debit card and the CryptoGO!

Cryptassist created based DAG algorithm, It is believed by many in the cryptosphere that DAG will become the next generation Blockchain.

With cryptassist, we thrive

Serious, powerful project!

New interesting project team! Best recommendation for you! The best opportunity for participate!

The Cryptassist transformation is aiming to become the third technology blockchain after ETH and BTC ever made. That's one big goal that needs absolute determination for the market at this time

Cryptassist is really aimed at becoming a better platform for the crypto community and all the information is talking about it. We have a great opportunity right now to become a part of this platform and join right now to ico. Do not miss the time and act now!

Cryptassist is a platform that includes the most important services for all traiders and crypto currency holders.

good news, Cryptassist has been bought by a private equity investor, which guarantees that the Cryptassist platform proceeds in full as per the Whitepaper and the Roadmap
#CryptAssist #CTA

Cryptassist will help users to use Cryptocurrency more easier!

An excellent team of developers in CryptAssist will change all the crypto world and will be a one stop solution for all cryptocurrencies.

what drives a project? scalability... and it will always stay that way.

I have already studied the documentation of Cryptassist and I think that the project has every chance to collect Hardcap before the scheduled time! I joined the project!

DAG algorithm is one of the best in the cryptosphere with higher TPS, so converting to DAG Base algorithm is a welcome development

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
Great project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

The team and advisor board is strong and dedicated. We need more projects of this kind introducing cryptoworld to new comers and making crypto more comfortable for everybody.

The best proj3ct to launch multiple platforms in a short amount of time.

#CryptAssist will be the gateway to the #Crypto World... the project is going to be hugh... Great work guys

Cryptassist is the Best Platform for cryptocurrency traders and content developers with excellent set of necessary tools for analys and trading cryptocurrencies !..


Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related
information . Cryptassist, Real people great product

Surely it will be a successful project. Don't miss the opportunity and join it today

A project with such powerful characteristics as a strong team and a wonderful product is small It is before you, join us!

The markets might be falling but that is no reason not to invest in great projects like Cryptassist - invest in ICO's that have REAL value!

Cryptassist can be at the forefront of blockchain technology, because it solved the problem of data transfer speed. Cryptassist generates a block in as little as 30 seconds, and the transaction speed can reach 3500 TPS. And this is only the beginning!

This project is addressing so many problems experienced in today's market. #Cryptassist has produced many great solutions and has the quality and support of many investors who recognize the potential of this initiative!

Really best project!

CryptAssist very valuable and innovative project and very investment-worthy and its perk is amazing also,
this company is definitely waiting for great success.

It's very nice to see how blockchain is developing!

Using the best tool for the best job, @cryptassist is using DAG algorithm to power their ecosystem.

Sounds great. Cryptassist will be the complete platform. so many wonderful features and App. this is amazing. No one can do that. Go cryptassist!

Cryptassist will lead the sector with a huge potential

Great work Cryptassist, keep going and the ICO will be finished earlier, than the 12th of September :)

The Cryptassist platform is based on robust algorithms. It will be very useful for this reason.

Very promising project, I follow it

Who would doubt that this company employs the best specialists in its field! They will take the company to a very strong level! Your team is an example for other projects! Thank you for your dedication and work.

One of the few projects that are attractive for long-term investments! Well-designed road map, transparency and predictable growth - all this does not leave indifferent and does not let pass! Definitely worth taking part! Good luck to the team!

One of the few projects that are attractive for long-term investments! Well-designed road map, transparency and predictable growth - all this does not leave indifferent and does not let pass! Definitely worth taking part! Good luck to the team!

Good luck to the whole team! Visit I want to show you one interesting project Our Telegram community is growing each and every day. Are you ready for our Pre-Sale? Borderless for the People.
#CryptAssist #CTA #CryptAssist

I firmly prescribe to purchase images of the Cryptassist organization, the most persuasive group of designers has made this task fascinating and innovative.

Cryptassist generates a block for only 30 seconds, and the transaction speed can reach 3500 TPS

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

I strongly recommend buying the Cryptassist company tokens the most powerful team of developers made this project interesting and creative.Great effort by Team!

Good technology and very unique I will watch for the launching

Good technology
And very unique I will
Watch for the launching

                 - zeeshan003

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#CTA #Cryptassist undoubtedly one of the best ICOs of 2018.

Crypsassist introduces its innovative deflation model. The coins that are spent on the pay-per-use features of the app will then be immediately burned or locked away in an inaccessible public address

If you still now not visit this project so must visit this program. Hope you like this one.

Nowadays too many people like this project because it is a best project for ICO Marketer.

Cryptassist aims to make cryptocurrencies usable in everyday life. The Cryptassist platform will include a web-shop where products and services can be paid for in any of the top 50 cryptocurrencies and the products will be drop-shipped directly to the customer's doorstep.

So much interested in this project

Cryptassist - the stage which incorporates the most fundamental administrations for all merchants and cryptocurrencies holders.

The magnificent group of designers in Cryptassist will change all crypto the world and will be one choice for a stop for all cryptographic forms of money.

Личный криптоассистент

The use of the DAG technology is surely going to make this project very reliable.

DAG technology makes this project more realistic and reliable.

Cryptassist team has the capability to let the project to be the on the top of the market.

Start thinking about the future today along with the team ICO, the world is rapidly razvivaetsa globally, and the team of this company helps to do it, this company is developing yourself and us.

CryptAssist have an awesome speed per transactions that will go to 3500 - 5000 transaction per second.

Cryptassist has made the based DAG calculation, it is viewed as numerous in cryptosphere that DAG will turn into the up and coming age of Blockchain.

Who might question that this organization utilizes the best specialists in the region. They will take the organization to extremely solid level. Your group - a case for different activities

This task takes care of such a significant number of issues, had in the present market. Cryptassist has settled on numerous fantastic choices and has quality and support of numerous speculators who perceive the capability of this activity

Clients are advised to use all the features and potential of the platform, and the team success in the implementation postavlennyh tasks.

That's great, I'm going to join

Team - core team seems strong, although there are some areas where experience could be better, the advisor team may be able to help plug the gaps.

Cryptassist is the future
be part of the revolution!

Well realistic concept with experienced project team. Expecting higher return on investment, Love to be a partner of this project. #CryptAssist #CTA

Cryptassist will go very far carrying masses with it. The next big breakthrough for the crypto economy

This is the project of the future, I am sure that you will achieve great success. Congrats with successful end of ICO!!!

I like the quality of this project, it's clear that the professionals are working, everything is done very well, I participated in the ICO and I am happy about it!

Cryptassist’s objective is to provide users a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing traders to accomplish whatever their goals may be related to digital currency trading.

I really like this company, an extraordinary attitude is a great project!

CryptAssist successfully solves the problem of transaction speed and its cost. The transformation of Cryptassist is aimed at becoming the third technological blockade after ETH and BTC have ever been made. Join right now to ico. Do not miss the time and act now!

This Cryptassist provides best tools for all the new and experienced traders

Great project, I wish this project the best to get success ico.

without a doubt, blockchain which you say is cool, yet you never thought of making of your own blockchain, you - so cool stage that you just need to make possess blockchain!

I believe in this necessary project and advise everyone to join.

Cryptassist is based on the DAG algorithm Many in the crypto sphere believe that DAG will be the next generation of Blockchain - Blockchain 3.0.

Thanks to this project,I can actualize my dreams and reach my heart desire which is my goal. I am happy to be a part of this project.This company looks very worthy and interesting

Cryptassist will then function as an escrow service, receiving and holding the cryptocurrency from the seller and the payment from the buyer. It will make easy platform for the trading.
#CTA #CryptAssist

Cryptassist good project,
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies wants to be available to all !!!

I am so happy that the ICO ended successfully it time for the project to be launched.

I join your project and look forward to a great app.

Great to know about this project very good project and great team, it is very promising project and am very happy to part of this project!

This is one of the best project in 2018


great project, I hope the project is successful and who participates get what they want and also attract investors to join, because it is where the project goes well and succeed and produce

The most basic components of this platform are: Debit card, CryptoGo, Cryptstarter, Exchange, Multi-Coin Block Explorer, ChatPay, Cryptassist Philanthrophy Innovation and ICO Assistant. I want to briefly explain these basic components;

Blockchain 3.0 is able to beat Ethereum and Bitcoin to the forefront of technology

CryptAssist’s platform will provide all the needed tools and CTA tokens plus 50 other top cryptocurrencies to easy transactions, also provide debit card, that is amazing.

Cryptassist completely the amazing platform, so many advance features inside. The new feature, chatpay is the greatest one. You can send the asset by chating. Sounds great.

The CryptAssist platform is primarily designed to make Crypto transactions easier for all – the experts and the beginners alike. The company’s belief is solidly based on making everyone have access to using cryptocurrency, as part of everyday life. #CryptAssist #CTA

successful project

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