Cryptassist Cryptstarter - een innovatieve functie voor Crypto Crowdfunding

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Cryptassist ziet een wereld waar crypto nuttig is voor iedereen in het dagelijks leven. Om dit te realiseren, biedt het platform een reeks functies die zijn ontworpen om gebruikers de mogelijkheid te bieden hun crypto echt te gebruiken.

We hebben allemaal gehoord van Kickstarter, het populaire crowdfundingplatform voor creatieve projecten. De enorme uitbreiding van de cryptomarkt in de afgelopen jaren heeft fondsenwerving klaargemaakt voor betalingen met cryptocurrencies. Cryptassist zal dit mogelijk maken met Cryptstarter.

Projectontwikkelaars kunnen hun creatieve projecten op het Cryptassist Cryptstarter-platform plaatsen om donateurs te vinden om fondsen voor fysieke producten te werven in cryptocurrencies of in fiat. Backers kunnen geld sturen in een van de top 100 cryptocurrencies en ontwikkelaars kunnen kiezen of ze deze fondsen in crypto of in fiat willen ontvangen, wat hen zal beschermen tegen de volatiliteit van de cryptomarkt.

Op het platform zullen sociale functies worden opgenomen waarmee CTA-houders en projectontwikkelaars kunnen discussiëren, reacties kunnen achterlaten of projecten kunnen beoordelen. Dit zorgt ervoor dat donateurs zoveel mogelijk informatie over projecten hebben voordat ze zich eraan committeren en stelt de donateurs en videomakers in staat om gedurende het hele project contact te houden.

Cryptstarter vereist KYC voor zowel projectontwikkelaars als -donateurs om de veiligheid voor beide te garanderen en te controleren dat ontwikkelaars hun producten of services leveren wanneer het project is afgelopen. Voor verdere zekerheid fungeert Cryptassist als een escrow-service.

Bezoek onze website of download onze whitepaper op voor meer informatie over de Cryptstarter of het Cryptassist-platform.

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Cryptassist provide us to participate in a bounty campaign! Proud to be in this such a great project. Good luck to the team!

Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
Project and developers best wishes!

Glad I'm a supporter of this great project. Good job guys.

The blockchain world and crypto enthusiast are much grateful to your team for such an innovative idea.

i think a lot of startups will be attracted to use this feature. it is a very simple yet secure feature that makes crowdfunding easier.

I need this project for my life. It is a great Project

I was glad to invest in this project. I'm sure that it has a bright future. Good luck to you

When will this platform be ready to use? I have an upcoming project myself and like to make use of Cryptassist and Cryptstarter.

Safety is the most important!

#Cryptassist envisions a world where crypto is useful to everyone in everyday life. The platform Cryptassist Cryptstarter will offer an array of features give users the opportunity use crypto! Everyone can choose exactly what is needed for him!

@cryptassist ,The most valueable and updated ico. This ico gives a good platform to icoworker.. Have a good steps ahead.. Best wishes for the team member.

Cryptassist - is
success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Geweldig idee en uitstekende prestaties. Ik denk dat vertegenwoordigers van investeringsmaatschappijen en grote particuliere beleggers van het platform houden.

Great idea to translate the articles into a lot of languages. Great job!

very promising project with a strong team !!

cryptassist project will be helpful for traders.I have studied its whitepaper thoroughly.

Nice project!

Don't miss out! Be a part of the project by joining the ICO or bounty program. Visit the website for more information.

The Cryptassist mission is to supply everybody with liberated access to the universe of crypto-resources through a variety of basic devices with everything from exchanging and news alarms, to an OTC trade and even a check card.

Great project

At the point when this stage is prepared to utilize? I have the prospective venture itself and I get a kick out of the chance to utilize Cryptassist and Cryptstarter.

Right when this stage is set up to use? I have the foreseen undertaking itself and I get a kick out of the opportunity to use Cryptassist and Cryptstarter.

Cryptassist is the best platform for users.

A complete project in every sense, cryptassist is the best project in my opinion. everything that is important checks out.

i think a lot of startups will be attracted to use this feature. it is a very simple yet secure feature that makes crowdfunding easier. fun and easier view to see complex crypto world.

The crypstarter is yet another innovative approach from #CryptAssist to bring all cryptos to everyone.

The bounty campaign is a medium to get the project to the community and reach out to the world. its a nice initiative for @cryptoassit to have taken this initiative.

Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed.

the cryptassist venture will be helpful to merchants. I have examined his report totally.

At the point when this stage is prepared to utilize? I have the pending task itself and I get a kick out of the chance to utilize Cryptassist and Cryptstarter.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this great bounty campaign! I believe in this project will go smoothly. Love @cryptassist

Cryptassist lost het probleem op en maakt cryptocurrency
beschikbaar voor iedereen in het dagelijks leven. Dit is onze toekomst!

The total task in each sense, cryptassist is the best venture, as I would see it. everything that is critical checks.

The total undertaking in each sense, cryptassist is the best task, as I would see it. everything that is critical checks.

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

The entire venture in each sense, cryptassist is the best task, as I would see it. everything that is imperative checks.

Cryptassist kan als een brug fungeren om startende bedrijven of mensen met een goed idee in contact te laten komen met geïnteresseerden om hierin te investeren!

A great team = a great ICO and CryptAssist have this in bucket loads! Check out the team here:

This is a great project. am happy i knew about it early

Cryptassist is the best ICO project to invest because it is very useful in online where you can exchange other crypto and top them in CTA Card, you can use it to buy things online.

Very good project

The company conducts ICO and waits for investors. All processes are minimized and make this project transparent.

A good and promising ICO company, very good development schedule, attractive prices for tokens, as well as frequent reviews on the latest news in the group. I advise everyone.

The social media scanner is a welcome addition to the multitude of features. Thanks for including this unto the project.

its very good bounty join to all

no doubt , Crptassist is heading to the peak

Cryptstarter requires KYC for both project developers and donors to ensure security for both and to ensure that developers deliver their products or services when the project is over.

one of the best project.thanks to this userful article..

Such a solution will find its users. For example, if the ICO were assembled this year in Fiat, then it would be possible to avoid a decline in capitalization.

Cryptassist is het project dat zeer veel vertrouwen geeft in het succes. Over het algemeen het beste project omdat het idee dat het heeft het beste van anderen is!

I believe this project will make waves in the cryptocurrency world.
Wonderful ICO, strong team, great idea!

Professionals. Thank you for your work

This company will have a great success, contributions to it will only increase revenues. . this is a big project and will still grow even better, soon join this project project

This is a great project I hope to make everything go well and have a lot of success

Mooi idee, hoop zal snel worden gebruikt, het project wint aan populariteit, het begon interessante mensen te bevatten, waaronder het leuk is om gelijkgestemde mensen te ontmoeten.

Complex application and ecosystem for crypto currency, which has no analogues

i see many potentials in cryptassist, they really work hard to give their best for every users

This is a promising project with great potential for growth.

Really good ICO. Respect developers!