Cryptassist Cryptogo - Habe Spaß – Gewinne Crypto

Wer hat nicht über das Augmented-Reality-Spiel Pokémon GO * gehört oder gespielt? Das Spiel hat die Welt in den letzten Jahren erobert! Und was haben die Leute in den gewonnen? – Nur einigen virtuelle Kreaturen!

All das ändert sich mit der Cryptassist Augmented Reality App - CryptoGo!

CryptoGo kann kostenlos heruntergeladen und gespielt werden.

Spieler haben die Möglichkeit Coins zu finden wenn sie an bestimmten Orten sind, diese Coins (Airdrop) koennen mit Cryptassistische Coins (CTA) gefangen werden, Die Spieler erhalten jeden Tag kostenlose CTA Coins, diese können In-App-Käufen verwenden werden, um ihre Möglichkeiten zum Auffinden und Einfangen von Coins zu verbessern.

Von Zeit zu Zeit wird Cryptassist Premium Airdrops veranstalten, in denen die meistgelisteten Coins wie Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin und mehr zur Verfügung stehen.

CryptoGo ist einfach zu spielen, Spaß und vor allem potenziell lohnend. CryptoGo, ist ein Teil des Cryptassist-Ökosystems, ist der perfekte Übergang für neue Krypto-Benutzer, die in die Crypto-Welt eingeführt werden.


Um mehr über CryptoGo oder die Cryptassist-Plattform zu erfahren, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Website


Very interesting project! A professional team that knows its business! One of the most promising and successful projects to date! I advise everyone to join and to watch the development

@cryptassist, I do not understand anything written

Stigmatatata from Lake Titicaca!

Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
Project and developers best wishes!

Sehr nützliche Funktion!

Earning by playing is really an awesome idea.. so dont waste time and starts to earn... let do it..

The project is amazing . It's growing day by day

This partnership will make cryptassist project get more attention from investors. Good bless you, I believe in cryptassist will be great a history

Day by day this project is growing! Good luck to the team. Because of this earning by playing is easy.
Lets make a effort together!

nice project ico.

I have a question. in PokemonGo, if more than one players get into the same location and spotted the same monster, both of them have the chance to catch it. and if both win the battle, both of them get the monsters.

Will the same concept apply in CryptoGo or will it be first come first serve?

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I würde sowas auch gerne ausprobieren. Vor allem, wenn man dabei noch ein wenig tokens verdienen kann.

Wow, das ist ein großartiges Werkzeug. Ich wäre sehr nützlich, ich warte auf die Veröffentlichung! Ich werde immer Ihren Updates folgen, weil ich an den Erfolg der ganzen Plattform glaube

I joined the project and will follow with the team and hope that the development will be fast and successful. Good luck in the development of the project

In my opinion your team works quite dynamically and it is growing day by day

Good work from this great project

Cryptassist - is
success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

This is a great feature! Although CryptGo will not be the first to use AR and crypto to Airdrop Coins which than can be catched by players.

I recommend the Aircoins App for now. It's quite fun! Available for Android. IOS coming soon. njoy . ..

This project is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected growth in both the campaign and your money invested in it gives to assume that this project came to us one day.

A great idea that will attract more investors!

Great rpoject

Amazing idea!

A very promising project, good team, will work with them, many people advising to join!

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A good idea and a strong team, closely follow this project, and I believe that this startup will achieve their goals. This is a promising company with a great idea

very interesting concept of cryptogo, it will help beginner to see the easy version of crypto currencies in their wallet and different platforms.

CryptoGo makes brings its unique functionality in a very interesting way to the platforms users. this is a well thought feature.

CryptoGo makes brings its unique functionality in a very interesting way to the platforms users. this is a well thought feature.

Nice project!

The amazing features of @cryptoassist makes the community grow as each day goes by, i am very happy to be part of this project.

The #Cryptassist platform is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed #CTA

Last but not least @cryptassist is the better platform to make a better chain to join the people all over the world towards the cryptocurrency platform.

Ja, PokemonGo donnerte in seiner Zeit und schuf so ein neues Interesse an der gesamten Spieleindustrie

Very innovative and functional. Keep it up guys.

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CryptoGo game is a great way to spend your free time and earn some money.

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You might not know but CryptAssist are developing their own fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange.

good idea, hope will use your platform soon. Waiting it. Its a big step when its launch

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Augmented reality will be the future for sure! These technologies flabbergast me by the high level of reality is creates.

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We can earn by playing.. it is such a great idea. Cryptassist is tne future!

In cryptassist you will able to explore other cryptocurrency, Its all in one place

Start thinking about the future today along with the team ICO, the world is rapidly razvivaetsa globally, and the team of this company helps to do it, this company is developing yourself and us.

Elegante Funktion! Mit so vielen nützlichen Ideen erwartet Sie eine große Zukunft!

Cryptassist exchange members will have voting rights on new coins to be added to the exchange.

The team of #cryptassist #CTA project has expert in the field,great project !

I think the idea of the project is good, the team is also very good and I think investors MUST choose this project for their big investment because for me, this investment will be the best. I like this project Thank you!

No dull moment with #Cryptassist's augmented reality game as part of the amazing features.

The game in which you can earn a cryptocurrency, CryptoGo will become very popular, and make the cryptocurrency popular.

Ehrfürchtig, Hoffnung wird bald verwendet, das Projekt gewinnt an Popularität, es begann, interessante Leute einzuschließen, unter denen es nett ist, Gleichgesinnte zu treffen.

Cryptassist solves the scalability issues that many other cryptocurrencies face

This project includes an excellent team, an excellent product, an excellent idea, a great start! I am sure that soon your company will become one of the leaders! #CryptAssist #CTA

Now we have a great opportunity to use the free Cryptassist application to download the CryptoGo Augmented Reality game!
What else will surprise us in the future Cryptassist? !!!!

Many people will use this application. I will try and I hope to earn a good income :)

I like that the project brought together such a promising development team with a great idea.