Blockchain Beijing China trifft sich - 24. Juli 2018

Der CEO von Cryptassist, Henri Oostebring, begleitet von der PR-Managerin Samantha Haeberli und der chinesischen Community Managerin, Frau Tonjia, wird am Dienstag den 24. Juli am Treffen von Blockchain China in Peking teilnehmen.

An dem Treffen werden Investoren von Investmentgesellschaften und Token Fund Companies teilnehmen.
Während des Treffens wird das Cryptassist-Team einen Vortrag über das Cryptassist-Ökosystem halten und zeigen, wie alle Apps und Funktionen auf der Plattform jedem Crypto-Benutzer vom Anfänger bis zum fortgeschrittenen Enthusiasten und Trader helfen können um Kryptografie einfach zu machen.

Cryptassist wird auch darüber sprechen, wie unser fortschrittliches Deflationsmodell zum Wohle der Anleger funktioniert, und wie unser DAG-Algorithmus die Skalierbarkeitsprobleme der meisten anderen Kryptowährungen löst, da immer mehr Regierungen und Unternehmen für Effizienz- und Sicherheitslösungen auf Blockchain setzen.

Um mehr über die Cryptassist-Plattform zu erfahren, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Website und laden unser Whitepaper unter herunter


Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
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A good platform to work with different cryptocurrencies. Interface easy to use and saves working time.

Nice to hear that The CTA CEO, PR Manager, and the Chinese Community Manager are attending investors meet up in Beijing China on Tuesday 24 July. CryptAssist is going places.

Nice project! Because of china representative it became easier for asian people like us.

i am very positive about this meetup. looking at how big this project is going to be, i think many investors will hop in.

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Super Nachrichten! Viel Glück heute in China und wir warten auf gute Neuigkeiten von euch!

Solche Treffen sind sehr nützlich, da sie es ermöglichen, die Kryptowährung zu vereinfachen und für das tägliche Leben nutzbar zu machen

The development team is really great. It is clear that people are interested in development and think about the future of their project

Great project coming soon

Very interesting project! A professional team that knows its business! One of the most promising and successful projects to date! I advise everyone to join and to watch the development

Nice project!

I wish you success at the meeting!

Good project

The more such meetings, the better the idea of ​​the project is revealed!

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The roadshow is a way to provide more exposure for the project and cryptassist has made sure the project is getting the right type of exposure.

A hubspot where every individual will take a break without bothering the trends of the market.

Gute Nachrichten, eine gute Gelegenheit, um wichtige Partner zu gewinnen

As communication is very important in business processes, @cryptoassist are well keeping their community closer to them. giving them the latest info on their next meet up.

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Cryptassist trifft sich mit Investoren, das Projekt schreitet voran! Gutes Projekt

I believe to this project and their progress.

What an amazing project with the sole objective of making crypto knowledge very easy for everyone.

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

thanks for sharing what u r up to. China respectively Asia is a strong and important market. good work.
btw. Your PR-Manager ist hot ;)

Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life

Gathering of engineers extremely awesome. It is clear, that individuals are keen on improvement and think about the eventual fate of their undertaking

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China is one of the fastest moving countries to have fully implemented the blockchain technology, taking #CryptAssist there is a nice thing to do.

Henri Oostebring seems like a very talented and enthusiastic individual which is more then capable to make this project rise!

Project of the future with its philosophy. am happy to be part of it

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Cryptassist turns into the main system and portable application on which clients will have the capacity to gain admittance to all important data asked for not to go to bed so far with everything in territory crypto.

Such meetings bring a big result. Meetings with investors expand the horizon of cryptography.

Cryptassist good project.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
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Being the representative of China. It becomes much easier for all the asian peoples.
Good ico! Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.

very nice project , every thing work well and all system good.

This exchange will offer the ultimate user-friendly platform to cater to both established traders as well as first time users.

Cryptassist löst das Problem der Komplexität, indem es alle notwendigen Ressourcen an einem leicht zugänglichen Ort zur Verfügung stellt.Großes Konzept!

good team solve all the problem.

CryptoAssist are looking to deliver the quickest KYC and customer service out there!

Such conferences give the project more details about the project and attract additional investors.

The project is well advancing its idea, there is a lot of talk about the project. Cryptassist has almost raised funds. Who have not yet had time to participate in the ICO? Hurry.

Wow, gute Arbeit Jungs, Gratulation an Sie, weiter so Team und immer mehr Investoren

i like the project very much, only need one cryptassist platform to access all my need related to cryptocurrency

Cryptassist at the presentations conquers the Asian market demonstrating all the features of applications and functions of the platform!
Cryptassist will make crypto currency affordable for everyday use!

Great news! This will have a positive impact on the ratings of the project.

CEO Henri Oostebring works hard for the Cryptassist platform. The Cryptassist team is very devoted.