区块链北京见面会 ——投资者会议


Cryptassist首席执行官Henri Oostebring在公关经理Samantha Haeberli和中国社区运营经理Tonjia女士的陪同下于 7月24日出席了在北京举行的区块链中国见面会。参与会议的成员为来自中国20家最大的投资公司和代币基金公司的投资者。






Cryptassist goal is to supply everyone with access to the crypto-world through an array of 25 essential tools and features.

This is one of the best projects. If you are interested in finance and passive income, then ICO is a great way to realize this idea

Great effort by cryptassist! Keep going!

quality projects with the best goods we can get after ico. very good

from what i read, this was a successful event. the team raised a huge amount of funds from private investors. cheers to al the hard work!

The concept and purpose of this project is very good. This is the foundation that explains the benefits of this project in the future. I hope the development team can do their best at every opportunity #CryptAssist #CTA

The development team is really great. It is clear that people are interested in development and think about the future of their project

Very Good Platform !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Project !..

Cryptassist again surprises. A new tool Cryptassist One Trading is able to help and facilitate the work of traders by giving them the opportunity to trade via the Internet or mobile application on more than 50 exchanges with one login. This is really an excellent approach to business vision. Cryptassist offers the best tools on the market and we have an excellent opportunity to get them first. Do not miss this opportunity and join now!


I have already studied the documentation of Cryptassist and I think that the project has every chance to collect Hardcap before the scheduled time! I joined the project!

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
Great project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

The project with much potential to be widely used worldwide.

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

I like how CryptAssist team works. Immediate responds to any question related to project.

It can say that cryptassist project has a strength and a bright future, no doubt at all. the team truly strong to for developing the platform.

Cryptassist is setting a pace in the world of cryptocurrency

Always great news. Thanks for the information!

One of the best things this project and very great project. I always pray for this project,best of luck

As a trader I love this one stop trading figure of #Cryptassist

strong team with great project. I am really happy to see such great team with full of professionals from different industries.



Great project. A team of professionals. Clear goals and ways to achieve!

Great project. A team
Of professionals. Clear goals
And ways to achieve!

                 - veseloff

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I was in the pub the other day, and guess what was brought up by friends whom I hadn't seen for a while - CryptAssist! Small world - but just shows how popular the project it.

The effort put into this project is amazing, the sale is going so fast and it would reach it hard cap even before the slated end date of ICO.

Using Direct Acyclic Graph, which is essentially a new generation of blockchain, Cryptassist can handle up to 3,500 operations per second. This is by far the best indicator that anyone has been able to achieve using blockchain technology.

Recomend to learn more about this company!
I’m sure it has great potential.

The concept of the company is that that they do not do - everything is really transparent, which brings big dividends.

The Cryptassist platform is informing through these meetings. Investors are very lucky in this regard.

Cryptassist CEO Henri Oostebring attended the blockchain China meeting in Beijing on July 24th.

look at the project that will make a revolution in the field of cryptography in 2018 and will make it clear that humanity would be hard without it.

The blockchain meeting in Beijing brings the insights of both the development team and investors to the cryptassist. Each relationship is increasingly tight and can help investors make the right decision at this time.

I wouldn't be surprised if this project would actually make their hardcap in 1-2 weeks time. They have already acquired 87% of their hardcap which is impressive.

Good news!Good luck team!

Great project with great possibilities.
The more people learn about what your doing the more they will like it.
I am happy to this! Good luck.

I wish you to attract as many investors as possible!

Cryptassist platform will benefit and revolutionize the crypto world by simplifying how crypto can be used in everyday life and how blockchain technology will impact to the benefit of individuals, businesses and government now and in the future.

Very reliable project with a lot of money. This is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary

This project have one of the best concept and it's out to solve the most pressing needs of crypto investors

I probably most likely will invest in this project

I always pray for this project,best of luck . I am really happy to see such great team with full of professionals from different industries.

The endeavors made for this venture are astounding, deal goes so rapidly, and it would achieve his unbending top even before the arranged termination date of ICO.

It can tell that cryptassist of the task have drive and the splendid future, without a doubt when all is said in done. group, extremely solid to for improvement of the stage.

It can tell that cryptassist of the task have constrain and the splendid future, without a doubt all in all. group, extremely solid to for improvement of the stage.

The partecipation at the Pechino blockchain meeting is a great news for the future of the project!

Its a unique project having latest technology and the most ecperienced team.

The Cryptassist platform will include a comprehensive database where users can see where they can use cryptocurrencies online and offline.
#CryptAssist #CTA

This platform is for a wide audience. Cryptassist has on its platform every required information needed by cryptocurrency owners, as to where their cryptocurrencies can be spent. Cryptassist arguments regularly information on its platform, a feature which has a comprehensive database, where users can spend their cryptocurrencies, either online or offline.

take a gander at the task which will make upheaval in the field of cryptography in 2018 and will clear that the humankind would be firm without him.

The creators of the project are very competent people who have provided a very effective platform. It will certainly facilitate work with cryptocurrency.

Idea of the organization - the way that it which they don't do - everything is extremely straightforward which brings huge profits.

Used in conjunction with other Cryptassist premium alert features, the Cryptassist Social Media Scanner will provide users with a complete package to guide and assist in decision making in the ultra-dynamic world that is cryptocurrency.

Cryptassist has been sold through a non-public equity investor, which ensures that the Cryptassist platform.

Good ICO project! CryptAssist is rocking the world of crypto!

Idea of the organization - the way that it which they don't do - everything is extremely straightforward which brings huge profits.

A project with a powerful team of professionals and advisories, well calculated and strategized

This project is impressive in its idea and the team is working well to make the project a success! Go Henry, Go Team!

Great project with new concepts..

A new tool Cryptassist One Trading is able to help and facilitate the work of traders by giving them the opportunity to trade via the Internet or mobile application on more than 50 exchanges.
#CTA #Cryptassist

By having a proactive and diverse marketing team, every Cryptassist user is supported by the same team that is working to maintain and increase the success of the Cryptassist platform and coin

I invested myself and advised everyone, and also participated in the aforementioned distribution program. I think that this will help increase the project's capital and, therefore, attract new investments

Great work Cryptassist, keep going and the ICO will be finished earlier, than the 12th of September :)

happy to do something for this project, and will be successful always, because it is supported by a good team and will develop

A standout amongst other things this and extremely momentous draft of the undertaking. I generally petition God for this undertaking, all the best

An excellent project worth trusting, people should invest in it

It is a best time to buy some altcoin and i suggest must follow this program and must buy this token for your future.

After this meeting, CryptAssist bought new Asian investors. People all over the world believe in this project.

Very complexed project trying to build up a ne-level infrastructure around the crypto world. Definitely worth to pay an attention on the White Paper reading, i like the vision here and due to that i even ready to close my eyes to a soft cap numbers which are pretty high.

Cryptassit worth investing

An interesting and relevant project in our time. I have been following for a long time for Cryptassist, and I want to say that there is a very good growth.

Meetings with investors and other people who can become potential investors are always needed. Tell about your product, answer their questions and dispel their doubts.

Own cryptoassistent

Cryptassist team has the capability to let the project to be the on the top of the market.

Cryptassist 成功! Cryptassist将解决问题并制作加密货币

The goal of #CryptAssist is to ensure that everyne can easily get access to cryptocurrency anytime any day...

Cryptassist can now be called a successful project, see the pace at which fees are collected.

The gathering and application of knowledge is vital to Cryptassist and its users. Decision makers need to have informed points of view, and it is Cryptassist’s mission to turn essential information and knowledge of market trends into profitable opportunities for its users.
#CTA #CryptAssist

I fully support the development team. They make a very useful product.

Cryptoassist is really going places, can't wait for product launch.

好消息。恭喜您成为受邀参加此类着名活动的项目之一。对于Cryptassist来说,参加此类活动以宣传和描述项目愿景,解释商业模式并引起项目兴趣,获得投资者,可能的合作伙伴和其他与会者的关注,这一点非常重要。同时了解最新发展,技术和新闻,讨论和分享想法。 Cryptassist正在做的伟大的营销工作。

I am confident that the company will occupy a leading position on the market! We had the opportunity to invest in the development of a unique project to increase Your coins!

Like and support your project! Good luck developers!

This is very good and very stable project good luck for the team and the project..

Awesome company, with great potential, I believe in her success and advise you! Continue to follow the news! As the project develops very fast! After ICO is a stunning result!

Great way to invest your money to get a good benefits. The professional team with a nice idea

multiple features in this project

An innovative project in a very promising direction with a strong team and good ideas
#CryptAssist #CTA

The CryptAssist platform is primarily designed to make Crypto transactions easier for all – the experts and the beginners alike. The company’s belief is solidly based on making everyone have access to using cryptocurrency, as part of everyday life. https://www.cryptassist.io/ #CryptAssist #CTA

With CryptoGo, users will have a fun application to research.

Everyone should make intelligent decision on #CryptAssist which provides more return on their investment. Well known project with huge potential for huge market share. #CryptAssist #CTA

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