Great info

Hi Omar, great interview this one! Seems a bit old, but still relevant. Thanks for sharing.

You getting more famous ehehe
Nice interview, good points you made.
Thanks for sharing

Keep up the great info! Hard to stay on top of all the news these days. I am not a fan of Ripple and anyone who cares about the existential benefits of Bitcoin should agree

Technical Analysis Projects $0.54 for Ripple:

it was great seeing it informative indeed !!

As early young minds , we were exposed to this earlier before it rises high and everyone becomes part of the crypto world . Digital currency will rise above the dollar and everything .

Great info to counter the Fud from JpMorgan ceo

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for this, I feel I gained some very valid information. Interestingly your reasons for not supporting Ripple is exactly why I like it. I also enjoyed the talk at the end about Ethereum. Thanks again!

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