Cryptocurrency 101: An Overview Of The Basics / The Top Coins / Helpful References / and More!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

A presentation I did today in Los Angeles where I covered the basics of cryptocurrency...the Why, What, Who, Where, and Hows to help people get started. Enjoy and please share if you find the information useful :D

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Awesome you did this! Will a clearer version show up on your channel?


Yes :)

Thanks for sharing

He was giving the older generation a solid into to the world of Crypto!


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Awesome man, your posts have made my first two days here great! watching as we speak.


Enjoy- thank you very much...that's really rewarding to hear! Feel free to share any feedback, and best to you - welcome!


Thank you so much man! I'm just starting out and getting noticed is the hardest part in the early stages. I'm working on it, and after being in crypto since day 1 it's nice hearing your refresher course. Thanks! Any tips or help on how to get my head in the door would be great.


I thought this was very good. I especially appreciated the way he explained what all the different cryto currencies did. I'm still very new to this information, and this will be very supportive to my future choices. Thanks so much.


There is a bunch of information out there and it is like drinking from a firehose but Omar has one of the most current news channels and he seems to be able to communicate his knowledge well.

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Crypt0 is the best source for Crypto news, sentiments and opinions :-D I watch him every day if I can

Keep it up!

most my crypto is offline, only a little (2%) remaining online is safe gaurded with 2fa on bittrex

Thanks for sharing

awesome presentation! nice job

Hello great opening presentation! Thank you for the video.

thx for sharing

Awesome video! Thanks for uploading :D

Great video, resteemed. Really informative and helpful.

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buen contenido exitos!!!

Really beautiful .. thanks information .. hope we can cooperate .. follow me @ kingsteem .. maybe be a friend

Enjoy- thank you very much

Dear @crypt0 Yes the first step towards crypto is the biggest and the most important step. I am glad that you are doing a great job in enlightening people about crypto .
Guiding them towards making more informed decisions.Good work man !

Good post Crypt0, awesome I'll be sure to share this with my followers on FB, hopefully a few more hundred of them will join Steemit too. I follow your youtube channel and as usual you always give very good up to date information to people who want to learn about cryptocurrencies. Keep up the good work. @artintelicoinves
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Awesome Presentation Buddy!!
Really impressive!!
And hey i write about bitcoins and other stuffs and i would really appreciate if you would check them out and give your valuable views on them it will surely gonna help me grow :)
I already upvoted and followed you !!
Hope to get followed back!!
Keep posting such great articles.

Great beginner presentation Omar, keep up the good work!

verry nice,good posting



Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Really Awesome, I am impressed with your video article please keep it up.

Nice presentation.

Tienes mi comentario y te sigo.

@crypt0, that was a nice presentation. I was looking forward for some conclusion statement in the end while it ended abruptly with ETH. Nice work .

Spread the word! The presentation is just like your Youtube channel. It was very entertaining, informative and practical. I would like to hear your thoughts on Apps, Currency and Platforms on the blockchain. They seem to be the three pillars of the future of crypto.

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Great Omar! Easy to follow. Looking forward for more. I also started to spread the word about Crypto's for beginners. Would appreciate your feedback

can u advice how to earn cryptocurrency


Great work

Brilliant - well done!

Great presentation Omar! Good job :)

Genial presentación, espero poder ver muchas mas, Saludos!!

Nice video! Watching now. Are you really going to Helsinki?

Good job:) tip! link

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Very VERY good. Makes someone like me understand it a little better. Thanks!

Great that we have people like you sharing the basics to people who have never heard of crypto. Much love!

Great post! As a newbie to cryptocurrencies this was quite helpful.

Im @bcash I will rule Bitcoin one day!!!

Thanks. Following.

great post friend , thank for sharing for free , i really appreciate your work

Again, thanks! Would have liked to see the end of the talk though.

Great post! Resteemed!

Nice information.. It's useful For me


Great presentation Omar. Overall very informative and helpful. This is the kind of thing that will make people less nervous about trying to get into cryptocurrency.

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wow thanx for sharing

Thanks for sharing very inspiring

Nice presentation man. Small improvements on the slides: use larger fonts, avoid bullets.
Keep pushing, we like what you do !

Sounds like Omar did learn a lot in his time mining the #Ethereum . What a unique experience to have - I wouldn't have minded trying that.

It'd be funny IF Google was taken out (because they are so HUGE - I'm sort of more for 'the Underdog' in things, or startups ).

At 6 minutes in ,when Omar speaks to #Derivatives I shrieked - I HATE manipulators... my feeling is that ruins things - SILVER, for example, would have been WAY higher if not for manipulators.


It's good that he goes into the history of things a bit -- interesting what he said (at 9 min. in) about Thomas Jefferson's ideas, & the Govt 'borrowing money'.

Lord, I laughed when he spoke about the dude who BOUGHT a PIZZA with some #bitcoin (that's 10 minutes into the video). GEEZ ! That guy must be regretting that Faux pas !

DEVOTE a bit of time to watching this 20 Minute video - IF you'd like an overview of Money & Bitcoin & the BLOCKCHAIN (Learn how to conserve yr #Wealth )

I rarely resteem but I appreciate your work and contributions to the cryptocurrency community! Wishing you much success!
Upvoted and resteemed!

Excellent presentation, keep up spreading the word.

Thanks for positng this! very useful

Great information.

I haven't gotten Storj X to work, I might need to mess with that again.

I am just new to cyptocurrencies and all those people sharing great information really amaze me!

A friend recommended me IOTA and I think it's a Sleeping Giant!

really good presentation, very informative, I'm new to this platform as well as the whole idea of cryptocurrencies. I was always aware of them i just didn't see the benefits of getting involved until now. I appreciate you laying out all these basics for beginners like myself to get started on the right foot.

New follower here!

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Holy shit! Impressive work to educate on cryptocurrency @crypto. I'm gonna bookmark this and send it to all those people lost in this world haha

great presentation man

It is great to see you do some public speaking on the cryptocurrency space, Omar! Good information and a valuable place for beginners who are curious.

ggod and nice post

Steem On man!

I do have some posts I tagged you on twitter / shared in the FB group you might be sincerely interested in, for content and so you know where some things are man...

Nite buddy, say hi to the Crypt0- fam for me!!

Great presentation!

Thanks crypt0; nice job. Lots of good info for us novices.

Great presentation :) You are definitely one of the greatest guys of cryptocurrency world. Good job @crypt0 :) Upvoted and followed! Future will be decentralized!