Best part of the World Blockchain Forum- Brock Pierce!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

When he invests in something, you should never overlook it. When he talks, he inspires. When he takes the stage, he reminds us about the big picture beyond money.

The man. The myth. The legend of Brock Pierce.


The man. The myth. The legend of Brock Pierce

You have really low standards

Great message

Thanks for capturing this divine message brother. I was unfamiliar with Brock, but now I am determined to learn more about his work. It's awesome to see fellow burners working on BlockChain technology. It will be a merging of blockchain technology and the counter-culture movements that really take us to the next level as a society. Hopefully next year my crypto will have appreciated to the point that I can travel to some of these conferences and start connecting with all of these amazing souls who will be changing the future.

He is the first person I've heard publicly mention that the EOS symbol is a chestahedron. I study sacred geometry and this jumped out to me when they first announced the project. People can FUD all they want about EOS, but I've learned to follow symbols & ideas more than gossip. I find it quite amusing that so much negativity is said about both Dan Larimer and Roger Ver. They are both self proclaimed volunaryists and that's the future I want as well.

Beautiful message. This is the reason I'm all into crypto. Changing the world, making it a better place...vanishing the concept of money. Thanks for sharing Omar!

I got a 1/3rd of EOS


Very inspiring speech, money is not everything.
Thanks for sharing this video

Very useful message delivered. Crypto is changing the world.

good many and sensitive subjects to play. wait for the best choice.

Hi Crypt0, thanks for posting this, I linked to one of your videos yesterday in my blog post Chance EOS will overtake Ethereum?

Guess i am not that old in Crypto world
Will go through Brock Pierce and will get to know more about him :)

Interestingly, I used to know nothing about Brock Pierce.

Thanks for sharing!

I didn't really get what his wedding got to do with blockchain? Decentralized wedding? :)))

Very good video, thank you very much

This is so inspiring I am a total newbie here on steemit and with crypto currency. What I love the most is the "awareness" of the community, grounded in love, and humanity and making the world a better place. I'm down that that and all in.

Great messagee

I made a good choice, my friend, a very cool video thank you

I'm all in on EOS at this point. Knowing BP is involved is a big reason for that decision. He's awesome. We are living in a brilliant time where technology can play a role in the articulation of strong human values rather than the previous erroneous notions of it increasing our cold distances between each other. Thank you for this awesome post and definitely resteeming..

what's brock steemit handle?

Always smart to follow smart money

The manwho is tied to The Clinton foundation, Jeffrey Epstein and was also accused of child abuse.

Yeah. Maybe he's great and what I wrote above is just evidence of a smear campaign, but check your head when you start calling him The Fonz without knowing anything about him.

Am not familiar with him, thanks for sharing!

wow that was pretty cool

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