A Ripple investor Invested $3000 last year. He announced he is a Millionaire now!

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Read the story here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7mvq4c/i_just_became_a_ripple_millionaire/

Reddit user ipizi says "At the beginning of the year, I sank $3k from my taxes into Ripple @$.005. That got me 600k Ripple. I'm now worth a little over a million dollars on paper. I can't even believe this is real right now. I wanted to post when it hit a dollar, but I was so scared I was like no, wait and see if it keeps going up. I NEVER thought Ripple would ever get this high. I just couldn't see it having a market cap of this magnitude. I was wrong. The interest from the banks is what really allowed me to make the leap. It just felt like a matter of time before it exploded, and here we are. I'm not quitting my job(yet)."

What an incredible story!

Which coin are you hoping will make you a millionaire one day?

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I know it will sound a bit boring and predictable but the only coins I'm really holding for the longterm are STEEM and BITCOIN.
STEEM because I'm incentivised to do so (by delegating my steempower and earning interest) and BITCOIN because it has firstmover advantage.

If BTC goes down everything goes down with it.


I think Bitcoin goes down as coinbase and other exchanges offer more ways to diversify coins. I don't think bitcoin will be a super attractive value for Q1 2018