BitConnect UPDATE! Day 77

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I'M BAAAAACK....and here to update everyone on my BitConnect progress. If you had the chance to read my last blog post then I hope I've been in the back of your minds, wondering how my "gamble" in this so-called "sketchy" program has played out for me. Well, it is now DAY 77 into my initial loan submitted to the BitConnect platform on July 7th of 2017. Since then the crypto world has been as volatile as can be. And you know what? IT'S BEEN GREAT FOR US BITCONNECT PARTICIPANTS!

As of today my "Active and Total Investment" on the platform currently sits at $3990, and is still EARNING STRONG! "Total Earned" is $2302. That's $262 MORE than what I put into it. And all of it earned by day 77!

Instead of pulling out the daily interest earned, I decided to follow the BCC Re-Investment spreadsheet and compound the loan by rolling over almost everything I've made back into the program. In doing so, I've already more than doubled my investment. Yes, I could have pulled the interest and recouped the $2040 I started with, but my goal has been to compound the payments until I've reached my goal of $8,000 in "Active Investment". At the rate it's been going I should be able to accomplish this within the next 6-7 months. I have been averaging close to 1% of interest each day.

If you've kept up with all news that is BitConnect then you would know about all the FUD and NEGATIVITY that has CONTINUED to surround and plague the platform. Especially with all the HYIP, MLM programs that have shut down within weeks of going live and running off with everyone's money. But guess what? That still hasn't stopped us! In fact, BitConnect has only GROWN. Not only in VALUE, but in members as well! Every time another program failed, BitConnect was the first thing out of the haters' mouths. "BitConnect is next" they say.

When BCC had a glitch in the system and had to shut down for 1 week to get things back on track, all that was being said by these haters was how "BitConnect participants were stupid and deserved to have their money taken from them." Guess what? Not only did we NOT have our money taken but WE ALSO EARNED OUR INTEREST PAYMENTS FOR THE DAYS THE PLATFORM WAS SHUT DOWN! And just as we always knew it would, BCC came back with a vengeance! Currently the BCC token sits at around $109. To put things into perspective for the haters, this Alt-coin was only worth 16 CENTS in January....and $58 when i got into it back in July, just 77 short days ago.

As i stated in my original blog post, ALL Crypto is a gamble. One crypto is not "safer" than the other. So if you're still on the fence about this program then hopefully all the YouTube videos of Capital Releases and screenshots of our accounts have at the very least made some people question all the negativity that has been spewed over the internet about BCC.

WELL, that's all i really have for now. I'll post another update sooner than later. Thanks for your time. I appreciate all my followers. Stay Steady collecting that CRYPTO!!!!

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