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Burstcoin @

  1. Send a tip of no less than 35 STEEM to The Pot of STEEM.
  2. Every 2 to 3 days the pot pays equal amounts of STEEM to every participant.
  3. Tips below 35 STEEM are treated as donations and senders won't get a payout.
  4. Lowest value tips will be refunded (lowest meaning the bottom 20% tip values).
  5. Payouts managed by @murh

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asked already, but I will ask you too, can I add to the pot, it's a bit gimmicky btw, what if I had waited until the end and added as much as I needed to get a good payout :)

you can do that strategy, but the payout time is random on the payout day

so tldr; don't be in the bottom 20% you get no profits, make sure you add a tip later when the payout is due :D