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I instead of we means I'm FREE.

In regards to quality of information, the word fact has no meaning in my life, only the word NOW is relevant, is real.

I am ONE is true, we = lie.

At the top of the world, my pyramid is always in the same place, and my level is related to the angle I see it from.

Everything is SELF, so compassion is feeling sorry for my self.

NOW is what matters, and I'm always happy to be now.

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My human body is the balancing point between my physical experience of now, and my imagination.

As far as I know, slavery is just a story for me to believe in, and I don't believe in stories, I know my physical experience is true, and I have never experienced slavery, so it's a lie.

In Heaven, no one blames anyone for anything, or takes credit, or accepts praise. Every person is a tool for every one else.

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It's all about lighting up and



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It would be awesome if it kept going up. If it doesn't I will be there to take advantage of the dips. Win-win situation from my perspective.

my next blog post demonstrates what you said in your comment perfectly

Great piece and thanks for sharing. Upvoted.

I recently made a post that supplements your blog and thought your followers may like to see it.

Steem really does have Jaw Dropping Scalability..!!

Thanks again for sharing your blog.