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Burstcoin --- BURST-WMXV-A2ZL-4SXT-25UBY

Bitcoin --- 1BqSZSGTFjjv5JukVFVj36dPQH7AYM9D5x

Burstcoin charts @

BURST is a computer based platform capable of much more than any current system, it is a financial platform, it is a sales platform, it is a stock market, it is the future of the way we will view money. It is a Bitcoin 2.0 platform, meaning it is like bitcoin in base ways, but vastly improved over bitcoin, and has a lot more to offer.

The interface is nicer, the system itself is more secure and the way it is minted, or ‘mined’ is future proof, taking a fraction of the power of Bitcoin mining, but that’s not all, because of the way the mining works, it is naturally able to stay more decentralized, and won’t get to the point Bitcoin is today with basically 4 large companies running the vast majority of the network.

This is the way crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, were supposed to be by design, but because of the growth of specialized and expensive mining hardware for the Bitcoin algorithm, it has moved away from its original goals, and is now much more centralized than the creator had wanted it to be.

BURST will never be this way, due to the fact it can be mined on normal every day computer hardware that everyone has, and everyone has the free space on their devices that is necessary to mine BURST right now, without making any purchases at all.

source @

VIDEO : Burstcoin Mining With 50TB of External Hard Drives.


I've been mining burst for quit some time now. With the new in place the coin looks very promising. Nice post man.

Oh wow i See you ar doing a give away too.
If I am not too late, here is my addY; BURST-JAH2-LMKY-V64H-FFQ8U

Hi my name is JackManMania and my address is
Love the videos man!

the name on your wallet says J1, update it to say JackManMania, and I send your free 1000 burstcoin

Sorry worng wallet. I have several :)

1000 free burst sent

Thank you very much! You are doing the community great things :) I am building up my burst with genesis mining

Still giving away some Burst?

Brandon Bozard


I had to buy some BURST to change the name. Sending it over now.

1000 free burstcoin sent :)

Woo! So since by upgrade with your code 2 weeks ago is invalid, ill be upgrading soon once I get enough Zcash. Ill let you know when that is, thanks for the Burst.

Ok the name has been set. Should work now.

Thanks Yo!

My Burst: BURST-E3YB-S9CT-CEHC-897A6
PK: 6e21264343d02a7cdb79bb2357ed35de04c5a8a41d67ca713e239fe14806e538

If there's still some available
Name- RahulThapa

can I also have some Burst :)
Thank you very much

Here is my address:
Thanks Craig!

Much appreciated!

How can i say no to 1000 BURST?
Not right, so i won't: BURST-Q6K7-8ZGW-37DE-4CT9A

PS Nice little pump this friday. waiting to get the price back to 60 satoshi to buy more.

add your name to your wallet and I send your fee 1000 burstcoin

Fair enough.
Please refresh and you see my name.

It's not going to go back to 60....... you should get some at 78 while you still can

Free burst is making sunday even better.

Thanks Craig.

add your name to your wallet and I send your fee 1000 burstcoin

Thanks I got it. Thanks again Craig.

1000 free burst sent :)

Hey craig-grant, here is my # -> BURST-XHSU-NPPP-K2YP-5HDD5 and the name is Craig Williams. Thanks!

Sorry, typo. Corrected and verified it is there.

Hi @craig-grant!

Check out the asset exchange! Some assets are similar to cloud mining ( Cloud hdd mining) paying 0.1% check that out!


been hearing about the asset exchange, but have not reached that far as yet

dude! 2 Very important links here for you :

Great solid asset here that pays weekly dividends:

Then you have other Assets that offer Daily dividens ( Similar to mining! ) hit me up if you have questions in our chat room.


Hey Craig check out my post on a few examples on the asset exchange.


I just stopped by to tell you that this is very generous of you. I also admire in silent your work! Congratulations!

thank you, much appriciated

Are you still giving away BURST? In case you do I would glady particpate.

1000 free burst sent :)

Thank you, 1000 free BURST received ;)

If I can still get some: BURST-WNQE-ALSP-SNE7-87UX2

Awesome to see you promoting burst in this way :)

I am following you now after watching you video. I love the way Burst Coins can be mined & has a great future ....


You must be a supernatural fan right?

Followed, up voted. Heck I just signed up on Steemit for this! Oh by the way,
Keep up the good work for the Burst community!

Let's go I l0ve you mane lol

No need for my name but it's tradz lol

L0ve my b0i BitVR as well! He just sent me 100 Burst ;) I need as many as I can get! I will return the favor in the VERY near future as well, best believe that! See how much l0ve I have f0r my 3urst-team ;)

But if you need my wallet name it's "3urst Trust Fund "

yes, you need that name, that's the reason I am sending the free burst, for adding first and last name to the burst blockchain, same way I did

So you want my actual first & last name or my wallet name to where you'll be sending it?
Actual Name : / TradZ / tradz / 3urst Trust Fund lol

Ever since I've bn on steemit you have bn the man here, hands-dwn! Very generous of you sir!
STEEM KING! I will be Burst King dnt trip lol

Am I too late for all this dude? I was offline a good part of the day and seeing all the Bursting now in my feed. I may not be able to get to this til tomorrow, I have to get offline early enough at nite to get the light out of my eyes etc. before bed.

It would be fun to do some business with you!!

Hey, good way to promote Burst :)
Name rnahlawi
Status: following :)

Nice Vid, I've watched before anyway.. hehehe..

and Thanks for the Free Burst!!!

Here's my address BURST-HXWG-DMBT-2Q4H-B3GRF


Hi Just signed up


Thanks Rich

Count me In!

I'm almost too late!
[email protected]
Message: c89fcbd1ed354528b6fbba82f254b1de430e3a425f9d41719409a36b8e7cf4cc
Thanks! Love the posts!

EDITED: Or you can send them to my new Burst wallet at: BURST-63QH-KP8H-4XU6-9LJ5E
you may need this, since it is a new wallet:
Thanks again for introducing this!

Omkar singh Chouhan

Thanks in Advance! :)

Omkar singh Chouhan


Thanks in Advance!

I Always want them ;) better late than never ;)

Message : 026dae57a5b9491283b633601abf6c924e5efadbc4a340e59b1300741c7c05fc


I dont have a name set because I don't have any burst :(

I have a couple of trade set-ups placed since this morning as well. I have one placed to [email protected] and [email protected] - looking forward to buy both of them [email protected] ;)
I see y0u!


Am I too late to the party? I am desperate to find a working faucet now... I'd be really happy to receive some of the coins)


I'm not sure if this offer is still available, but my BURST is


If you are still giving out burst I would love to participate as well.


Thank you in advance

Hey grant. Nice man! My burst:
Please include
Message: 42bf8570c8fa4986a65dd6edea7b95699fe77a36e5eb43098b798f56b2e92a88

that's a bittrex address, I need to send to your personal wallet address that also has your fist and last name

Oke. wallet: BURST-VNRW-4CNJ-VFC2-6UP8M

First and last name: martijn kramer

Oke i don't know what went wrong, but thanks for trying!

no name yet because I can't get my first 2 Burst
but my wallet address is
just 2 will enable me to start. thanks.

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