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YVhXDJ = Genesis Mining 3% discount

Someone who buys a contract for less than $50 and never upgrades will most likely lose. To win with genesis mining I recommend upgrading your contract once every week.

By investing small amounts over time, eventually my daily payments overtook the amount I invest, right now I earn about $8 BTC per day ($240 per month), so I can upgrade my contract with $30 per week to increase my daily payment, and still have $120 profit.

Some customers start with a large purchase of hash power to receive large daily payments they can re-invest frequently. Genesis Mining does all the work, and I get paid daily.

Genesis Bitcoin Mining farm located in Iceland

YVhXDJ = Genesis Mining 3% discount

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I notice the trend of Youtubers taking the time to thank people that tip them.. that is proving to be a good way to get people to take action. Great marketing if you ask me

Random PSA. 0.53061172 burst is what I made mining with a spare phone with 23 gigs.


that's sweet :)