Come one come all, buy your Bitcoin while it's downsteemCreated with Sketch.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Burstcoin @

  1. Send a tip to the Bitcoin Pot Of Gold.
  2. Friday the pot is equality divided and sent back to each address that tipped the pot.
  3. Tips below .0051 btc are included in the pot but those addresses do not receive a payout.
  4. The lowest tips above .005 btc are refunded.

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Steem and others are down too, so could be worth buying


I would not buy now. I expect another crash tomorrow. Maybe then I would consider buying.


We'll see. I'm not buying anyway

Buy low, sell high !!!

Ha! yes, I noticed this morning that my trading account - took a dive but nothing major! and besides, USD is g0ing up -

(Cross0ver signal 0n the Daily Chart)