Ethereum Name Service (ENS) - How to have a short name for your wallet

in cryptocurrency •  last year


Are you tired to copy and paste wallet adreesses to send Ether coin to your friend?
Now you can simplificate it, with ENS domain you can have a wallet called like mywallet.eth

ENS is a decentralized way to send and receive coins with human-readable names, it's secure, built on Etherum smart contracts and could really solve the difficulty of long hexadecimal addresses.

It's something new that could be also a great business, like DNS for web domains, and I think this phenomeno will born for many other currencies.

The only negative thing is that I can't have my name cozza.eth, because you need at least 7 characters ;)
You can simply register your first name here, be first before someone will reserve the name you would have!

I love the quote they use in their website: Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things. [Henri Poincare]

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