Bitcoin Panic or wait? I believe a little bit of the two

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The Bitcoin is an excellent cryptocurrency with great strength, governments and large corporations that feel threatened by the bitcoin are conspiring to stop their progress, and to some extent they have been achieving it, and we can see it for the minimum that it has had this week.

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These minimums for many investors who bought bitcoin when it was on the rise, has made many panics because they have seen their money go down and they see bitcoin as a very bad investment, something that happens with those who bought bitcoin when it was at the levels price of 700 or 1000 dollars, although prices have fallen, for them it has still been a very good investment.

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My recommendation for all those who have invested in bitcoin, bought when it was down, or bought when it was up, is to have patience, willingness and courage, to stand this correction and not panic, because we could make decisions that are not very successful.

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I have a great hope and certainty in its Blockchain technology and the ability to overcome and overcome all the obstacles that have been imposed, the success of bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies have success assured everything is a matter of time.

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Here I leave a super spectacular video, which inspires me a lot, I hope that you too, enjoy it.


I guess we are done with the correction.
Here is my Elliott Wave count:

Thanks for sharing the idea @coriantun

Thanks to you friend, let's hope so.

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