A Q&A with Team Copytrack at our Headquarters in Berlin

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You asked, we answered. With our main sale ICO in full swing right now we sat down with the team behind Copytrack to get the answers to some of the most popular questions on Twitter and Telegram right now.

As promised, we selected 5 questions by 5 community members and asked them directly to the Copytrack team in Berlin.

The friendly people on the couch, from left to right: Sandro Maeder (Head of Operations), Stefan Baer (CTO), Severin (Copytrack community), Marie Slowioczek-Mannsfeld (Head of Legal) and Marcus Schmitt (CEO).

The 5 questions selected and asked:

1. Is KodakCoin going to be a competitor of Copytrack or can they become a strategic partner in the future?
by @thecoinmen (02:08)

2. Why do you build your own blockchain and not build on an existing blockchain?
by @InEgoVeritas (03:10)

3. How will you address the fact that pictures are easily resized and image lookups don't normally work with new images? How does the Copytrack web crawler work?
by @Frostjord (04:40)

4. How will you work with legal regulations and local governments?
by @ern_dollars and @richidson999 (06:00)

5. How do you see Copytrack working for music, film, books etc. in the future?
by @talexam (08:05)

Thank you for contributing your questions!

For any other questions get in touch anytime and join the community on Telegram.

Learn more about Copytrack at: https://copytrack.io/
Read the Copytrack Whitepaper at: https://copytrack.io/pdf/Copytrack_ICO_Whitepaper.pdf
Read the Copytrack Technical Whitepaper: https://copytrack.io/pdf/Copytrack_ICO_Technical_Whitepaper.pdf
Join the Copytrack Bounty Program: https://copytrack.io/bounty
Join us on Telegram and get live chat support: https://t.me/copytrackhq
Follow Copytrack on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/copytrackhq


Great post here's a free upvote courtesy of #killerbote0c.jpeg


interesting concept

Great to see the team in "action". The good atmosphere comes across. Greetings to Berlin and all the best for the ICO and the dive in into the blockchain world.

Please allow me one question, as I have not received an info on it after I entered in your bounty page.

Do you count in Steemit blog posts for blog bounty. I sent in this one here from Steemit: https://steemit.com/ico/@puffin/copytrack-ico-bietet-reale-use-cases-copyright-register-und-marktplatz-fuer-digitalen-content

Would love to receive feedback.

Hi, I'm the guy with the positive attitude about D....C...

I think that what I like most about you, apart from its transparency and good disposition, is its logo and slogan. As a designer and lover of dogs I must say: Well done! by the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!
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Deliberation together to produce a perfect concept and interesting.@copytrackhq

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