Happy Birthday UNO!

OK I'm saying Happy Birthday to a coin, which is weird, but I have to admit I'm quite impressed with UNO - Unobtainium.

Also I just saw this on their Twitter - an homage to Tom Petty, who passed away this week - and at the same time it apparently is the motto of UNO:

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 18.19.15.png

UNO's birthday is coming up next week, and if you look at its chart of this year, it looks like it's been looking forward to that all year :)

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 18.29.44.png

HODL and Forget?

I'm happy I bought a couple of coins in May, and it doesn't look like UNO as any intention of backing down. So let's see how far this will go, though honestly I'm not really sure what the point of UNO is, besides being extremely rare (only 250,000 coins).

Of course scarcity creates value, but are people going to ever use it for something?

It feels more like a collectors item, but then - it's not an item. It's not something you can give a special place in your living room and enjoy looking at. It just sits in an anonymous wallet, for a rainy day.

Humans are weird.

And I guess that's exactly what the smart creators of UNO counted on... ;)

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Oh man, I love those Tom Petty lyrics!