The Increasing Gamification Of Crypto Trading

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Your Crypto Portfolio - Gamified, for the next generation. And this is only the beginning.

Investing was historically a rather stuffy, elitist affair. Crypto has turned that paradigm on its head. Now, anyone can speculate, and have fun doing it. Sprinkle some narcissism and social gamification and you get, a website I recently discovered which takes the concept of a crypto portfolio and aims it squarely at the new generation of savvy crypto investors.


Currently "That-1-Guy" is the top ranked member, with a very respectable portfolio of mainly Siacoin. People can follow and comment on their favorite profiles.


I remember one of the Steemit creators (it was either Ned or Dan) describing Steemit in an interview. He said you could look at it as a "social media game." Games were indeed one of the first spaces to take full advantage of cryptocurrency, so if you come from the opposite direction, starting with crypto, it's quite straightforward to gamify the whole space.


They have their own API, so things are set to expand and develop over time. For now, they're linked with Poloniex, Bittrex and Coindesk.


The altpocket website syncs with your Exchange and displays your portfolio for the world to see. Leaderboards give kudos to the top investors, and a benchmark to compete with. It's all very new, young and trendy. Who knows? - The site could crash and burn, but I think it's a fantastic concept and I hope it does well. Check it out here ..

I can imagine more sites taking a similar approach in the future. Bigger websites like Facebook and Twitter already do A/B testing to refine the user experience over time. Anyone from the world of UX/UI study will tell you that gamification and other addictive qualities are increasingly being introduced on sites to "encourage" the user to engage with the site more intensely, more often and for longer periods. Perhaps in the not too distant future, we will have more and more hybrid platforms that blur the lines between crypto exchanges, social media, and gaming.

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It's certainly an interesting time to be alive :)

Most definitely! Things are happening very fast right now.

Trying to keep up can become a bit of a struggle....

we should imagine how would will be next
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i don't know how to thank you but still wanna say big thank you finally this is the type of platform i was looking to find to keep a track at all the portfolio investment :D

Maybe I'm missing something here but to me it seems irresposible to advertise your holdings like that.

Good point!

Thanks- good post. Interesting enough though through steemit you can see the worth of an account plus if people use their real identies can be doxing themselves.. interesting

Quite a brilliant job. I upvote and follow you.

I could not agree more. Gamification is a fantastic and very important way of luring new users to any service or platform. Check out our We wish to follow this path.