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Have you heard of Superior Coin? I bet you heard of Crowdify! Well, they are no longer related! Superior Coin has a new social platform, and they are looking for people like you to join. It Kryptonia. You can set tasks, and earn Superior Coin. The intent is for it to be a major platform for hiring and obtaining work and getting paid with Superior Coin!

Superior Coin founded by Nathan Senn, and once also in the hands of the now known to be criminal Michael Q Todd and his wife Yiroko, is now safely in the hands of Nathan , where it belongs.

GUI Wallets have been updated, and a new mining pool was created, and was born!

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I met Nathan, Yoriko and Michael in April in Manchester, England. We attended Coin Fest there, where Michael Q Todd seemed to be pulling the strings for Crowdify and Superior Coin, along with creator, technical expert, and friend Nathan Senn. While i was there, I got sick, but regardless of that, I spent a couple days with Michael and Yoriko, and simply said, the only feeling I got from them was icky!

Yoriko and Michael, to my gut feeling, were the typical personalities to be the type that might swindle someone. As I spent those 2 days, supposedly there to learn all about Crowdify and how Crypto-currency worked, I learned nothing, except what I could pick up from Nathan Senn, when he would try to keep conversations going about what we were doing. But, Michael was all about image, and didn't seem to want to give details, and didn't seem interested in ideas, or talking about the position in Crowdify he had invited me there to speak about. Which was to be the Media leader for Crowdify, as he had told me in messages.

What I found in Manchester was a business being run by 3 people, who seemed to be moving around the world to stay away from legal issues, and didn't seem to have anything together very well, as far as a business goes, and eventually, as we all found out, Michael had no plans to follow through with Crowdify, or Superior Coin, and instead tried to steal investments from all of us at Crowdify.

Once Nathan Senn caught on to what was happening, he began to take steps to protect his creation, and that he did!

In Manchester, Nathan was the only one I found to be trustworthy, and had a true drive to do what he is doing, and to help others become wealthy one day, as well. He mentioned that more than once.


Nathan Senn, Michael Senn, and team have come together over the past couple months, and worked extremely hard to make Superior Coin bounce back, and allow us to mine coins again, and to trade them on a new platform, with new GUI wallets. They are working hard to get us on the exchange as soon as possible.

Colin Sydes, Joan Stewart, myself, and many others are investors in Superior Coin, all of us with differing amounts of investment and coins. We mine, we trade, and we pay each other for tasks on, which can only grow and reach it's potential through people like you who write about important topics, and invest in other ICO's, and that care about a better world, and a cleaner world. is a supporter of Clean Tech, and Third World Countries, and hopes to use their platform to eventually hep in these two areas.


There is no longer an issue with who is running Superior Coin, and that it is here to stay now.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy in now while it's cheap. Become a member of, and get into the crypto-currency market and the future of money!

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One has to wonder how exactly Mr Todd thinks international law and even national law works. A lawyer in one country has no legal standing in another, unless they've also qualified in that country. The same as, laws in one country are not the same as in others. But even before one considers that, there has to be proof. Edited screen shots of conversations do not 'prove' anything, although they can indeed back up real proof. I think it's telling that Mr Todd does not seem able to stay in one place for very long before 'being betrayed' by someone, whether a landlord, the government, the police or a business partner. His judgement is surely very flawed that he should suffer so or, he lies. This is a man who states quite boldly that everything to do with Superior coin is his, even going so far as to state that the pre-mined coins and any money resulting from their sale is his, nothing towards the project. He says that he's being paid back for all the money he invested, yet provides no accounting. Very odd!

I'm just ready to see this hit an exchange and really take off, still mining it every day.

Never heard of this. But seems that it is still struggling


It's not struggling at all!

@colinbmw mentioned a little about the Tasks that members of can either make Tasks for other members to do for various amounts of Superior Coin and where members can earn Superior Coin by performing various Tasks. In fact, I got here from a Task that is posted on Most of the Tasks are about helping promote a website, a post, a person or getting help with a project or anything you can think of to give back Superior Coins to others while promoting the use of Superior Coin which creates mining needs which creates more coins. A person can become a member of and start earning Superior Coin without spending a penny. "Getting paid to do what you are already doing." Get paid to surf the net basically. I have been a member since January 2017 so I have seen the community go through a huge realization that we were being scammed by what has become known as a "Snot Goblin" in Kryptonia. You have got to read the posts by @berlona in her series of short stories here on @steemit to find out more of that story. I actually became a member because I liked the idea of the community and the number of ways people could get paid to do what they are already doing on the internet and I found about Superior Coin a month or so later and invested a small amount because there were several red flags, but MQT is a pretty good salesman and so was Bernie Madoff. When ever you invest in something you should be prepared and able to lose your investment and don't expect to become a billionaire overnight. I have stuck through this bump and still believe in the idea behind Kryptonia and Superior Coin. I have been investing what I can afford buying Superior Coin that have come up for sale as some members want to sale their Superior Coins and get out which is creating a chance for people to purchase these coins at a great price and get in the Kryptonia community where Superior Coin will become the next Kryptocurrency and talk around the @minnowpond ! Please as part of the Kryptonia community I invite you to check out our or at least my favorite bot that's not @steemthat. SteemThat started out as a bot and has morphed into a whole lot more. Visit Thanks for the Superior Coins I went above what the actual Task asked for, at least I hope Michael Senn who put up the coins for the task feels he got more than his monies worth.

superior coin to the are very strong...

still mining some need more coins ico sup

Interesting, i hope this proyect will rock soon!!!

When can we except Superior coin hits exchange ? Maybe exchange on ?