Sia 101 and Review - New decentralised Cloud Storage and Why the hell can't I withdraw my SiaCoin!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Brave New Money - Crypto News and Reviews

This is my first video in the brave new money series that will aim to cover news, reviews and insights into a range of cryptocurrencies. 

For my first effort I've decided to cover the decentralised storage altcoin known as Sia.

These videos are aimed people who aren't necessarily technically minded but are still comprehensive enough to give the viewer a solid understanding of what a specific digital currency is really about.

Hope you like the video. There are a bunch of links at the bottom that cover all of the resources mentioned and I appreciate any questions or feedback in the comments below.


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Great post @coldpie! Loving it all. Nice to have steemians like you on steemit. Just so know... deep down, I believe you will do great things. This is only the beginning, I believe in you!

We can be best buddies. Good news, I shared your post and followed you, follow me back  to share the excitement!

Have fun!


Thanks for posting! I'm downloading the Youtube video now and will listen to on my drive home!

Thank you for sharing 😄