Ankhlabs Ico Review : Beankh makes immortality a digital reality.

About Ankhlabs

Ankhlabs is pursuing an incredibly important goal -- the reliable long-term preservation of intelligent minds and their knowledge and behavior patterns. With modern AI, neuroscience and block-chain technology company have the basic ingredients needed to start making serious progress in this direction. The BeANKH Road-map is focused on using these tools to, step by step, make the long-time dream of mind uploading a technically feasible reality. Martin has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Sciences and is currently finishing his Master of Science (M.Sc.). In the last few years he has been focusing on fronted development, but he is also passionate about Block-chain and Artificial Intelligence. Martin´s dream is that his BeANKH will one day take over tasks like cleaning his flat, going shopping and filling his fridge, so that he can focus on playing with the newest technologies and building next-generation solutions.

Ankhlabs melds artificial intelligence, big data and block-chain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death. Join company on this journey, towards tomorrow and towards, eternity. Be Immortal. BeANKH. Volcano has an Technology background, 19 years of experience in Information Technology, and a proven track record in Financial Services, High-Tech Manufacturing and the Media & Entertainment Industry. Volcano worked for Microsoft for 12 years in various leading technology roles. He helped improve several Microsoft products and was a trusted adviser and architect for the top FAX customers. He is a big fan of disruptive technologies and is passionate about Cyber security, Block-chain and Artificial Intelligence. With BeANKH he wants to realize a dream of being digitally immortal and sometimes he seems to be living more in the future than in the present. His BeANKH will definitely be a futurist techie.

Basic Information

Name Ankhlabs
Language English
Social Media Bitex Ico Review : first locally-embedded crypto-bank
Bitex Ico Review : first locally-embedded crypto-bank
Bitex Ico Review : first locally-embedded crypto-bank
During public sale 50 USD
Price per token 0,12 USD
Bonus 50%
Hard cap 41.160.000 USD
Soft cap 1.800.000 USD
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How BeANKH works

  • Social Media Interactions
  • Email Communication
  • Calendar Information
  • Interactions with BeANKH Trainer
  • Face, Emotion, Movement Capturing and Voice Recordings


  • Data Anomaly Detection for Authenticity Checks
  • Bot Technology to Interact with Owner and Permitted Persons
  • Blockchain Technology to Make Data Secure and Tamper-Proof

Benefits of BeANKH Solution

  • Digital You And Digital Testament Functionalities
  • Using Blockchain For Long-Term Preservation Of Data And For Security
  • Works At Lifetime And Beyond

Benefits of BeANKH Token

  • Fixed Amount Of Token
  • Increasing Demand On Growing Awareness
  • Token Holders Will Be Able To Use BeANKH Earlier Than All Others

Token Distribution

Research and development
Marketing And acquisition
5% Legal & compliance

Unique Assistant Features Of BeANKH

  • Build your own digital assistant who is like you, with your 3D avatar and a digital copy of your voice
  • Let Your BeANKH Prioritize tasks for you
  • Give Your BeANKH tasks like organizing appointments for you
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Unique Immortality Features of BeANKH

  • Prepare a digital testament based on block chain; use BeANKH save to store messages, documents, pictures, videos and cryptocurriencies for a secure scheduled handover in the future
  • Make your BeANKH Available to successors you choose,i.e. to family members or friends
  • If you wish,make your Ankhlabs available to the public via BeANKH Person Gallery, i.e. for celebrities / People in public spotlight



Christian Mars - Co-Founder, Managing Director & Just Do It Evangelist

Volkan Yilmaz - Co-Founder, Managing Director & Chief Techie Architect
Savas Guven - Guru Fullstack Developer
Wilfried Pfilf - Freestyle Mobile Developer
Martin Weibel - New Generation Web Developer
Zdenko Chabada - Lightning UX/UI Designer

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