CryptoPepes - A Full Featured Game For Those Who Don't Like Kitties.

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 CryptoPepes - A Full Featured Game For Those Who Don't Like Kitties.  

I know what you are thinking....   WHAT?....

I think the best way to discribe it is CryptoKitties meets Steemmonsters.  

CryptoPepes is a blockchain based card game, that is going live on their Mainnet on 10/10/2018 (that's today).  The PepChain is a DPOS 100% Ethereum compatible blockchain, that operates faster than the main Ethereum chain by 3 to 10 times and it has some unique characteristic to allow for the holding of the games assets allowing you to breed, mine, fight or trade Crypto Pepes on the blockchain.  

When you get your deck ready, it is on! time for a little battle... or breading which ever is your poison

The betanet has been up for a while if you are curious.  When the mainnet goes live there will be a period of initial mining where blocks are produced at around 1 per 8 minutes, and every 16th block produces a Generation 0 card to the lucky miner.  So if you have a spare mining rig, it looks pretty easy to get up and going if you follow the simple instructions in this Medium Post.  The rewards are not too shabby either, the block rewards are  2500PEP tokens and the highly limited Gen 0 cards (only 1100 ever)

They have dubbed the mining endeavors the CryptoPepes Rat Race 🐭  The rat race will run for 3 months netting a total of  40 million PEP tokens and 1000 Gen 0 cards.  After that they transition to a DPOS model.  So get your mining hat on and dig out some Pepes.  (I know you want to, just to see if you can...)

Well if you are not into mining they also have an Airdrop running (yes that is a referral link)

As airdrops go, this happens to be one of the best and easiest I have seen.  It is fully automated and has relatively simple tasks form multiple social platforms, most of which are just follow tasks.  On obsticle I ran up against is I only have 17 followers on Twitter and they require 20...  (If you want to help me out with that click here

Literally, in a matter of 20 minutes I racked up 125 PEP tokens, and that's without being able to use twitter for another 50 PEP.  Here is a quick video overview of the airdrop challenge...

It's game on from here...

That's about it for an overview of the CryptoPepes.  If you are into gaming, card games, or even CryptoKitties then I would definately give CryptoPepes a look.

If you need more info you can check out some of their social media outlets...

CryptoPepes Medium

CryptoPepes Twitter

CryptoPepes YouTube

CryptoPepes Telegram

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