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Welcome. Check out the Code Rotation Community!

@coderotation is the place to share crypto mining codes and affiliate links for platforms both crypto and non, and to discuss the reputations of different services found on the web. Share yours and use others' codes/links. Enjoy!

The All-Platforms Chart:

If you don't have an Airtable account, You may see our old post which provides an affiliate link
When you have an Airtable account (FREE) Check out the chart ->
>>>>Here is The Chart!!<<<<
Use the affiliate link for the desired platform (your interests) and then comment below or here about which username's code/link you used! It's that simple! Community members here share codes/links ongoingly. Talk to each other! The blog/chart gets updated periodically.

Testimonials/References/Community Members- Here are some users who have gotten referrals/code use/affiliate link use through The Coderotation Trollbox:

@agentofmars, @arunava, @cyamura, @moemanmoesly, @royschuh, @streetstyle


Scams/Not Recommended/Very Poor ROI


When you use someone's code or affiliate link, Remember to tag them!
Also, upvote @coderotation's post(s) now if you haven't yet!
Check out prior posts, catch up, and see any info that wasn't carried forward!
Although we try to discuss which sites are scams/no good etc., even if it isn't listed as a scam/no good doesn't mean that it isn't, unfortunately. Let's try as a community to identify scams etc., but you must do your due diligence for everything listed and hold us harmless of all liability and assume personal responsibility.
Thanks for reading!!
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