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Here seems to be a player that has a lot of spunk to offer. I used to trade with NEO for a season, but after seeing rises in Bitcoin Cash that really made me sit up and pay attention, I decided to switch over to this little (or big?) brother of Bitcoin.

Here is a comparison of BCH between USDT (lower right), BNB (lower left), ETH (upper right) and BTC (upper left), since 08.30 GMT until 22.00 GMT on Tuesday May 1st 2018.

BCC 01-05-2018 1.png

Currently, I am playing BCH off against BTC as it seems to have the most action. Here is the current chart over about 60 minutes. I will wait for it to gain a bit more momentum even though I prefer to swing trade.

BCC 01-05-2018 2.png

Lets see what it brings over the next day in the long run!

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