Something Very Interesting Has Been Happening In The World Of Cryptocurrency

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Large segments of the global economy are no longer able to function under the restrictions placed on them by the need to social distance. In a matter of a few weeks the world’s economic output is down by almost a third and governments are forced to print money to prevent mass social disorder. While much of the world has been preoccupied with the COVID19 pandemic something very interesting has been happening in the world of cryptocurrency.

I am not talking about Bitcoin coming into its own as an alternative to increasingly worthless fiat currencies. Because quite frankly, if Bitcoin was ever going to do this it would be now and yet even with a halving event taking place it really has done nothing. No, what I am talking about is a tiny little project that started in February on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum which has suffered the last couple years from the hangover of the ICO has really just started to come into its own as a Decentralised Finance platform. After a couple hiccups with poorly written smart contracts being gamed by hackers we have finally seen the first DeFi project that is designed for mass adoption.

The project in question has taken the simplicity of a chain referral Matrix program and cunningly programmed it right into the immutable code of an Ethereum Smart Contract. What it has done in one fell swoop is eliminated all the trust issues that have undermined Matrix programs in the past. None of the Ethereum paid into the program stays on the contract. 100% of it is distributed to the referrer and his upline as soon as it is made. It is handled transparently and automatically and if you are able to attract a few referrals it becomes a self perpetuating source of income that cycles over and over again.

It took 3 months to get its first 50,000 users and has added another 100,000 in less than a month. It is accelerating and growing exponentially but it still has lots of blue sky with over 49 million Ethereum accounts that have yet to sign up. I have created a free website that will fully explain the opportunity and will assist you in recruiting people into the program as your referrals. You can show your appreciation by signing up as my referral.


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