Tips to reduce your risk when trading bitcoins and altcoins

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago 

📌 Have a clear target and a clear stop loss

Remember: trading doesn’t need emotions; only reason and rationality. And you just can’t ignore discipline.

📌 Sometimes it’s better to take a small percent profit per position (especially during the bear market). Yes, you will need to make more positions for significant gains, but the guarantees of the success will be much higher. The truth is that the best traders in the world aim for small and consistent profits. They know this is the only way to success.

📌 Do not trade with money that you need for living expenses. This is called "risk capital" for a reason.

📌 Don't be a blind bull. ALL markets are cyclical. Don't be afraid of failures or failures on the market - this is where you can earn more money.

📌 Don’t go for one coin, but invest in multiple currencies. That way you’ll spread the risk.

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