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Hello Community, maybe you already heard about but I feel that I have to write a post because of the shitstorm on many sozial media sites.

Verge announced that they have a new partner and made a big Marketing Campaign saying they have the biggest partnership in the whole cryptocurrencymarket EVER.

After a leak that the new partner will be the adult movie plattform "Pornhub" they got a lot of shitstorm and the price of verge dipped rapidly. - share DEINE Bilder

As you see, the price felt from 0.115966 USD down to 0.071662 USD.

I dont want to manipulate you, so I'm not saying what I think about the partnership. I only gave you the facts here.

Please let me know YOUR opinion about the announcement, the dip or just leave a comment with your thoughts about Verge (XVG) generally.

Thanks you!


Wow, I just focused on the attached picture, I guess there is written: "future has come" :)

This is a huge business. I can imagine that f.ex. #Verge gonna introduce a similar strategy like steemit does, so "Pornhub" and Co. will be offering crypto-payments - kind of scary but
a ver(g)y realistic plan

You know it's a problem if their people have to hide their faces. Never trust anyone in a ski mask.

Yes, people are saying the whole verge currency is a scam, but there is also a lot of potential. You are not invested?

No, but I should really look more into the whole thing. I'm extremely new to Steemit so everything still has question marks hanging over it. Actually, I would tend toward it now that I really think about it. Porn always comes out ahead.

When the price drops even more, I think about buying a bit of verge. Like you said, Porn always comes out ahead :)

My eyes are on it. Thanks!

Honestly I think once the dust settles it will start to climb. Porn always makes money. It is not only Pornhub but the whole Mindgeek portfolio. Go and have a look at what that means. They are known as the gateway to the internet. This is a lot bigger than everyone realizes and it is going to leap up. I hold Verge only to make money and today is a good day even though it retracted.

Thank you
For your writing
I've seen your writing come pretty much
I hope to write something better in the future.


Mixed feelings on this one. Its a good move for Verge but not many people want to be supporting the Porn industry. At the end of the day Verge is a currency which has been adopted my loads of Vendors. If you boycott verge over this then may as well stop using your USD, Visa and Master Card..

Really interesting merge

Buy the rumor sell the news. I just think the events surrounding Verge recently have been somewhat shady at best..

Cool my friend