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Hello community, today I'm not posting a funny meme or some news about cryptos.

This time I want to ask you, what masternote you are invested in, whitch one you could recommend or just give me an advise where to not invest in.

I'am reading blogs and in forums about masternodes since a few weeks and I want to set up my very first own one.

The most famous ones are:

yearly return: 7.5% ---> Much better than every bank.
$ needed for masternode: 1000x 316,12 = 316'120$ ---> For me a bit to high amount for starting :/

yearly return: 3.5%-5.5% ---> Still much better than every bank.
A good point for NEO is, that I dont need to buy a whole Masternote. If I understood it right, I can already stake them when own my first NEO. (= 49$)

yearly return: 0.5%-1% --> A bit better than banks
The negative point about stratis is the low % you get for staking. The good is, that it was once already in the top 10 of all cryptocurrencys and many people know STRAT, or already heard about.

There are many alternatives that are less famous, as example:

Rover Coin (ROE)
yearly return: 1040% ---> To good to be serious lol
$ needed for masternode: 10'000x 0.135741= 1357.4$ ---> I'm not sure if it is a good Idea to invest in an unknown Coin, because these days we have to be very carefull in the crypto universe about scams and pyramide-systems.


There are many options to invest in POS tokens/Masternodes, and i really dont know yet where I put my money in.

Give me your advices and lets list the best tokens for HODL'ing until we have more money than Donald Trump!

I appreciate your feedback and opinions in the comments! :)


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Have you heard of SmartCash?
10 000 SMARTS for a SmartNode, approximately 800$ USD at current price.
ROI, based on, is around 90% per year:
Capture d’écran 2018-04-04 à 17.47.01.png
So the cheapest nodes, in crypto top5 with masternodes, with the best ROI.
PS : on top of that you also get SmartRewards (if you don't make any withdrawal), which is approximately 3% per month (compound interest).
More details on

Smartcash looks really intresting! I dont know much about this coin, but i heard already about it. I think i will read the whitepaper and take a look at the team, if it fits i will test it out :)
Thanks for the idea :D

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Give me your advices and lets list the best tokens for HODL'ing untill we have more money than Donald Trump!
It should be until instead of untill.

Lol thanks you >.<

Wow I'm very interested in this subject I'd love to hear what you decide from the information that you gather weather it is a wise investment or not.

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i was about to say smartcash also but @cknr7 beat me to it. Its a great crypto check out their website

Thanks you anyway for writing a comment :) I'm still reading about smartcash and it looks really intresting. Do you run a masternode by yourself at the moment?

ive got the coins for a masternode setting it up now haha so will see how it pans out

I follow you now, I hope you will make a blog about :)

Why buy a masternode, when you can just do straight PoS for any amount of investment you like?

Hmm maybe because a masternode brings more %? Or tell me which coins are you staking at the moment?

#SolarCoin gives 2% and if you have solar panels you can get more coins every 6 months. Not so active here on steemit but a really good community slack available at

#Gridcoin gets 1.5% and if you search for disease cures on your computer you get additional coins every time you stake. Loads of activity here on steemit, good quality articles and content about how to work with it.

Just download a core node, fund it and you are off, no fixed buy in.

The percentage is yearly? Mounthly?

Yearly as per your other examples. Note SolarCoin is uses Proof of Stake Time from Vericoin so the % isnt fixed but depends on stake window. Consistently active stakers get more reward than intermittent ones.

Yes, the SolarCoin looks intresting, but I have to read the whitepaper before I'm able to make a desicion. What do you think about NEO? The yearly persantage is higher and I like the concept of NEO.

There isnt a direct whitepaper for SLR, its based on the DeKo whitepaper (the authors being the founders of SolarCoin). There is also the Government Policy Paper which speaks of the use cases and segments for SLR specifically. Note SolarCoin is operating for 4 years already.

I dont personally hold any coins that have smart contract functionality, not that Im against it per-se (its a neat idea) but there seems to be a lot more scope for technical errors than with more basic and well audited first gen cryptos. I tend to get involved in coins that I can actually interact with at a value generation level, steemit, SolarCoin, Gridcoin; rather than just HODL and hope :)