**Elementh- A Way Forward for a Goal-Oriented Business Environment**

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Elementh- A Way Forward for a Goal-Oriented Business Environment
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Doing business is one of the most difficult things you might be coming across. As consumers and customers, we go to buy products and for sure, it is simplistic how we exchange some money an just walk out the store with the product we want.
Have we hence given a thought to the many difficulties it took, for the product we are about to consume to reach us? Well, that, alongside other forgotten questions happen to form the crux of this article.
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Distribution networks are very difficult to handle. A field of study has been accorded it, but does that solve the problem? One of the major problems following distribution of goods and services is the many fragments of activities which come together to form one long and complex line of supply.
A lot of efforts have been made by scholars and technologists to bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer in the most peaceful and efficient of ways. Elementh is one of the many solutions likely to be used in handling this problem as aforementioned.
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This is an ecosystem which is entirely constituted off its own programming language, which is targeted at building a system where the retailers can make appropriate use of the powers of smart contract to track their purchases and sales.

Logistics problem is one of the major problems that affect businesses in no small way. As a result of that, this Turing-complete ecosystem tries to manage sales tracking, logistics, supply tracking, authenticity checking, store design tools and many more.
This ecosystem is an all-rounder in the sense that it relieves the retailer off many sources of stress for which it enjoys a lot of comparative advantages.

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Unlike popular opinion, Elementh is not an e-commerce website. In fact, the major innovation that sets it apart its peers, is its expansive abilities in qualitative product data and systems of goods. As a result of this, a lot of stores, manufacturers, distributors and even service providers can store their information on the Elementh platform on a certain kind of format.
With this, retrieval and usage, including service provision and distribution is carried out as fast as the speed of light.

One cannot be absolute about the whole hectares of benefits which this ecosystem promises for the typical distribution channel, be it goods or services. A such, all products in the block-chain enjoy the benefit akin to the platform owing to their easy identification following their unique ID. With this unique identity, counterfeits are eschewed and originality enshrined.
Most of the time, a lot of retailers buy products and resell products without knowing that these are counterfeit version of the products. Hence, Elementh works assiduously against these awful realties and you should not be surprised why it is on the lips of every retailer.
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There has been numerous situations where the buyer does not trust the seller enough to purchase a product. As a result, this platform uses its rating and feedback feature to ensure that a little bit or more of integrity is accounted for, in the activities leading to the sale of a product or service.

This feature helps a prospective user or a buyer to understand the level of integrity which the retailer commands. It is therefore a recommendable platform for obvious reasons.
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A lot of mix-ups happen when a single retailer is in custody and control of a lot of products. One of these mix-ups arise as a result of the risk of missed orders or even having to pay for orders that never arrived. Using the smart contract feature of this platform, it is natural that all arrivals and orders are tracked effectively. As such there is not much of mix-ups to worry or to be worried about.

More than anything, Elementh being a platform and an ecosystem allows for endless possibilities of application-building and usage. This is made possible using the built-in programming language. This allows the programmers to play with the site in creating DAPPS. This is why it is an open source project because it has a large chance of bettering itself over the time.
Alas! this programming language which is standardized to cater for the multivariate needs of programmers can handle decentralized market places, product locations, product tracking, sample use-case, product availability, price search etc.

Finally, what is that one thing that does everything? A few more answers will be most appropriate for this question than ‘Elementh’. This follows as a result of its compatibility, versatility and availability.

A lot of problems besiege the business environment. Businesses try their best to mitigate the ones they can, manage some few and deal with the ones they cannot handle. There are a lot of challenges which businesses can handle now with Elementh and no business is allowed to miss this opportunity.

This idea came from a team.
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There is available EEE token for sale.
Token and ICO information: EEE, ERC-20 standard
Total supply: 303 000 000 EEE
Token distribution:
217 500 000 (71,78%) EEE - purchasers
45 000 000 (14,85%) EEE - team
40 500 000 (13,37%) EEE - partners and advisors

Private Pre-Sale start date: 15 January 2018 00:00 UTC
Private Pre-Sale end date: 31 January 2018 23:59 UTC
Private Pre-Sale soft cap: -
Private Pre-Sale hard cap: 1 500 ETH
Private Pre-Sale price: 1 EEE = 0.0001 ETH
Private Pre-Sale bonuses scheme: 50% Tokens

Pre-ICO start date: 1 February 2018 00:00 UTC
Pre-ICO end date: 14 February 2018 23:59 UTC
Pre-ICO soft cap: -
Pre-ICO hard cap: 1 500 ETH minus received in Private Pre-Sale stage
Pre-ICO price: 1 EEE = 0.0001 ETH
Pre-ICO bonus scheme: 1st day: 30% Tokens, 2nd day: 15% Tokens

ICO start date: 1 April 2018 00:00 UTC
ICO end date: 30 April 2018 23:59 UTC
ICO soft cap: 10 000 ETH
ICO hard cap: 30 000 ETH
ICO price: 1 EEE = 0.0002 ETH
ICO bonus scheme: 1st day: 30% Tokens, 2nd day: 15% Tokens

For more details visit:
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